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Anyone take a close look at this vehicle? My wife has an MDX - 13 months old and 20k miles. Loves it.

We are looking for a second vehicle. I am getting rid of a BMW sedan and looking for something to haul 3 kids in. I'm going to be Mr. Mom for the next year or so, so I need something more practical than my bimmer. Would rather not get a 2nd car the same as my wifes, so I'm looking at the Highlander

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome Mikedoc,

You asked for thoughts, so here's mine. The only thing better than an MDX in the family? 2 MDX's in the family! Your wife probably has the '01, so yours would be a different color and have a few differences...

OTHERWISE, I'd definitely consider the Highlander. It's great if your primary intention is to haul kids, unless you want to haul > 3 kids...if you want to haul about the MDX??! :D

FWIW, #2 in line behind the MDX for me was the RX, and I definitely appreciate Toyota's refinements and quality.

Keep us updated,
Rob :cool:
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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