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Anyone take a close look at this vehicle? My wife has an MDX - 13 months old and 20k miles. Loves it.

We are looking for a second vehicle. I am getting rid of a BMW sedan and looking for something to haul 3 kids in. I'm going to be Mr. Mom for the next year or so, so I need something more practical than my bimmer. Would rather not get a 2nd car the same as my wifes, so I'm looking at the Highlander

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance!
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Another thought

We just bought a new 2002 Honda CRV yesterday -- very nice -- awesome car, and great engine -- 165hp intelligent vtec. It is MUCH bigger than the 2001s, and a great car -- plus, you could get it for 20,440 including 4wd and a bunch of stuff.

I would take a serious look at it if you haven't.
roof fack

it also adds:

Roofrack -- not and expensive option to add
michellin instead of goodyear tires
slightly different alloy wheels
power passenger seat
memory on the driver's seat.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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