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High Pitched Ringing

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OK, I picked up my NightHawk Black Beauty w/Nav this past Saturday. I have been reading posts here for three months and checked for all the major problems, i.e., (the thud, the mirrors, etc). I think I have a new one! When I turn off the radio and shut down the nav, I have a very high pitched ringing. I noticed it on a very quiet day and it has since been driving me crazy. Its kinda like the sound a TV makes when you first turn it on or put it on mute. I guess I could just keep the radio on low to mask it, but sometimes I enjoy the solitude that a car can give you. Or maybe the interior is just so quiet my ears are ringing! Na couldnt be! What do you think? Anyone else have this prob!
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Did you ever get this problem resolved? I don't know if my 'X' is having the same problem as you were, but last night after starting the car, I heard a high pitch ringing sound from the outside of the car. I didn't notice it from the inside. As I walked around the car, it seemed to come from the underneath the car. The sound wasn't from the engine compartment, but more towards the rear of the car.

Has anyone noticed the same sound? Any help would be appreciated.

Car running, rear left? It's the fuel pump and it's normal.

Search for "fuel pump whistle" or "fuel pump whine" or just "fuel pump" and some threads w/WAV files and sample sounds will pop up.
Forget the ringing...

If that is an 03 (with Touring) & NAVI -- you are the first owner to take delivery!

Re: Forget the ringing...

renov8r said:
If that is an 03 (with Touring) & NAVI -- you are the first owner to take delivery!

Which would have been doubly amazing for a post dated 2001! If I could pull the same stunt to get a 2010 this year, I'd do it too!

I jumped to the conclusion it was an '03, too. Nope, we're talkin' '01.

I heard this high pitch ringing while driving above 40 mph. Seemed like it's coming from underneath the car. Anyone experienced the same problem?
Thanks Worm!
New Record??

Wow ... this may be a new site record. Took 18 months for the original post to be answered.


Where is DaleB? He didn't catch this?? :rolleyes:
JTM said:

Where is DaleB? He didn't catch this?? :rolleyes:
Uh Oh, he's slipping! :2: :D
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