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High performance chip?

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Question. . ..
Has anybody had their MDX chipped to improve horsepower and acceleration yet? Is the chip available yet? If it is . . . how significant is the improvement? The MDX is quite quick as stock for an SUV but I want to keep that new car edge...

Southern california.
Silver touring.
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I believe any chip upgrade will void your warranty - check it out with Acura before upgrading, many of the chip manufacturers lead consumers to believe otherwise.

I checked w/ A&H Motorsport, they have not seen anything yet. As far as the warranty, my car is for Fun, not Worry! But if you are concerned about $financial$ ramifications, you might want to check w/ Acura beforehand.
This is a BIG topic- that of warranties and chips.

It is worth some investigating, especially if you have a bunch of warranty left.

Briefly, the Moss Magnusen Act prevents a manufacturer from automatically voiding a warranty if a user modifies the product.

Chip manufacturers point to this and say "see, you're protected".

What they leave out is two things:
1. The manufacture can deny a warranty claim if the mod caused or contributed to the failure
2. You will have to sue the manuacturer to get the warranty honored if they deny it. You may not get legal fees.
3. The manufacturer has alot more test data than you do defining what permissible limits for torque/horsepower etc are...

I have a big Ford TurboDiesel and everybody wants to chip them. Problem is you start putting out 350 horsepower and 600-700 ft lbs of torque and you tear up the tranny. Ford just laughs.

Having said that, I did put a Dinan chip in my Q45 years ago...


PS If you do it- save the old chip and put it back when it goes to the dealer. Erase the ECM memory so they won't know!
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Power Chip

Can we buy it from Radio Shack?
Wow!!! 20 more horses for under $3. That has to be the highest HP to cost ratio I have seen!!! It must be true it's on ebay!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
That actually looks like a very nice and easy mod!!!

If we use it and wire it in series (instead of in parallel for power), the MDX will very easily get 50 MPG!!

Then engineers here on this forum will of course have to make it complicated by adding a switch and relay so that the ECU can be reconfigured on-the-fly while driving down the street - either get lots of power or great gas mileage!!

Unless speed parts are sold through dealerships, ala Motorsports for Ford, TRD for Toyota, etc. they are not sanctioned by the auto manufacturer, and you are on your own if they cause problems.

Not that an after-market chip will not work. Some very good engineering was done by Dinan, etc. But I also know many folks claim a lot more lightening in the wallet than any gains in HP.
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