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HID's Fog and Snow

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Have read a number of posts re the value of HID's. Specifically, how are they in:

. dense fog
. blinding snow squalls

Are they more effective then MDX stock lights in these situations? Thanks for your replies.
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I find that the HID's on my wifes 2000 3.2 TL do OK in the fog but not as well as I thought they would. I think that the PIAA yellow fog light bulbs (part #H-131) that I use in my MDX work much better for fog.

I can't find that number on the PIAA website. I called them and they said they didn't make an amber fob bulb for the MDX. Can you help.


The thing about HIDs is that mainly, they're MUCH brighter, and lean more towards the cooler side of the color spectrum.

If anything, I'd think that they do well in blinding snowstorm because the contrast between areas of snow and no-snow would be greater.

In fog however, I'd tend to think they'd be worse than halogen, simply because all of that intense light is now being glared back at the driver.

I've not encountered heavy fog yet at night with my MDX HIDs, so I really can't report.
PIAA Yellow ION Bulbs

The PIAA Plasma ION/Yellow Bulbs can be found at:

Click on PIAA and then look for H131. They are $89
In general, I believe yellow and amber penetrates fog better than lighter color, perhaps due to less glare back to the driver. That is why most fog lights are yellow or amber. I have not used my fog lights yet, but will be soon and will report.
Re: PIAA Yellow ION Bulbs

rvehock said:
The PIAA Plasma ION/Yellow Bulbs can be found at:

Click on PIAA and then look for H131. They are $89


Group buy on these PIAA fogs

--Not trying to spam, I just want to make sure everyone has a chance at this.--

Ron is doing another group buy of these bulbs. If you're interested please go to the group buy thread here and post a reply indicating your interest. He said he'll also be ordering some amber Razo's... but from the other threads, I'd rather stick with PIAA myself.
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