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Hi Everyone!
Just bought a 2014 MDX Advance with Entertainment options with 69.5K miles. Although this is my first Acura, I am not new to the Honda/Acura. I had a 1999 Honda Accord V6 for 15 years and maintained it myself (mostly) and it lasted 240K miles without any problem. I figured it is time to trade up and get a seven seaters because of family size and long trips etc.

The 2014 MDX I bought was extremely well maintained by the local dealer(at least according to the Carfax). Major oil/fluid services were completed at @28K and @58K. Currently it has 69.5K miles. I did have the MDX inspected by my own mechanic and he told me this is in an excellent shape.

Now, I know these Honda/Acuras are prone to transmission problems. I used to change the transmission oil every year on my Honda Accord V6 myself(easy DIY drain and fill) and it ran perfectly and never gave me any trouble. This 2014 MDX transmission fluid was changed at @28K and @58K by dealer. The color of the transmission fluid is pretty red. Should I need to do another drain and refill on this or should I wait?

I do have to buy a new jack and jack stands because the ones I have are for cars not for heavy SUVs such as Acura. Any suggestions? is 3 ton enough?

Anything else I should be looking out for? I am one of those people who would rather do an oil/fluid change early and often than deal with major problems. Hope this make sense. I am looking forward to being part of this forum and learn from you all. I will probably be doing all the typical maintenance myself such as oil change, fluid change etc. Anything heavy like Timing belt etc. I leave it to the experts :) aka dealers or my local mechanic

Take care and thanks in advance for all your guidance and advice
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