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Here's a Question??

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I am quite excited as I just received notification of my build dates.
I ordered an SS 188 08/30/01 ans was promised an early December delivery. Well, it will be several weeks late because of a snafu with a prior client's new SS 188 that was supposed to arrive before mine. It never made an appearance and delayed my order. Strange. Anyway, my build date is Dec. 3- Dec. 7.
Any ideas or experiences as to when during that period the MDX will be built? Have most of you seen the car built earlier or later during the week? I am trying to figure out when the car will arrive so my dealer can arrange for the car to be shipped to the Midwest around Christmas time, as I am moving there from thr Southwest. Any ideas or comments? Also, do you recommend picking the car up during the day or at night? At night, one can check that the lights etc.. are working. Which thread has the most complete check sheet for delivery??

Thanks everyone, and happy holidays!

-MdxDriver (Hopefully Soon!)
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Try to pick up the vehicle in the morning. That will give you enough daylight and time to inspect your vehicle thoroughly. Remember this is a 40K investment!!! :)
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