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There 3 lights were on when I drove back home from work today - the check engine light, the VTM-4 light and the TPMS light. I took it to autozone to have an engine check. The error codes were P0171 rear bank 1 fuel system too lean, and P0159 front secondary heated oxygen sensor slow response. This is a 2005 MDX with 120,000 miles. My questions -

1. I heard about the notorious EGR valve issue. I have never had the EGR replaced. Is that the cause for all these lights set off almost at the same time? Should I replace the EGR valve before I move on to the fuel injectors and the O2 sensor?

2. Do I need to replace the fuel injectors or will fuel injector cleaner work? If I do need to replace them, is it better to replace the one with problems or to replace all 6 at the same time?

3. Is it really the heated O2 sensor that's going bad or should I wait after I replace the aforementioned parts and see if the code goes away?

Thanks for your help.
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