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Hi all -- I'm due for the first rear differential fluid change on our '16 MDX SH-AWD. I like doing these kinds of basic maintenance things myself, because it saves money and frankly is a lot more convenient than doing the 60 minute round trip to the Acura dealer, having to get a loaner, transferring car seats, etc.

Anyway, I thought I had done my research on how to do this service, including this great thread on MDXers, and it looked pretty easy. However, when I got under the car, I couldn't find the drain plug!

It was then, laying under the car, confused, that I remembered hearing something about how the SH-AWD design had changed slightly for 2016. Apparently that design change affected the drain plug for the rear differential, because all the tutorials referencing how to find it don't seem to match up to my car.

I can spot the fill hole easily enough:

(That pic is looking directly forward, through the notch in the suspension cross member, with the camera in the space the spare tire normally occupies)

But according to everything I've found online, the drain plug is supposed to be "right below" the fill hole, also using a 3/8" square socket recess, and I don't see anything of the kind. Here's a shot from down below, you can see the fill plug at the top:

None of the bolts in that area look like drain plugs -- none of them have washers or look like they're meant to be removed. I have yet to find a tutorial online for this service specifically on 2016+.

Can anyone shed any light?
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