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Hey All -

Previously I had a check engine on and replaced the O2 sensors - all 4 of them with OEM type. While I'm not sure if its related or not, I noticed my fuel trims are out of spec according to the Autel tester:

ST Fuel B1: 1.06
LT Fuel B1: 1.05

ST Fuel B2: 1.07
LT Fuel B2: 1.05

Apparently it's supposed to be at 1.00 so according to the tester, the injectors are having to remain on longer than intended (or so thats my understanding)

I've also recently completed a valve adjustment and replaced the spark plug oil seals on the valve covers as two were leaking oil.

Any thoughts?


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That is no big deal. The way o2 sensors works is they constantly bounce between rich and lean... They read lean, engine enriches, they read rich, engine leans. Stft upstream (the ones between engine and cats) anyway aim for perfect 1.0 which is lambda (theoretical ideal afr for internal combustion considering best emissions). 1.02 is only 2% lean. Prefectlly acceptable... Under full throttle ecu probably commands .85. 2% is very close and could be due to quality of gas, etc.... Drive it and enjoy.


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