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Help please?

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i was wondering what the size of all the speakers were . And if i have the bose system it souldn't be a problem if i changed just the speakers and not that amp????????And what kind of sub would i have to get to fit in the factory compartment?
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1rst of all welcome to the forum. i see you made a wise decision--MDX THAT IS.

The speaker sizes are 6 1/2" for both the front and rear. The sub is 10".
I'm using infinity 652s and 605cs right now with obvious improvement. Do a search on speakers on thid forum and you will find instructions also. Good luck
if i have the bose system, can i put 4 ohm speakers in or do they have to be 2 ohm?
I could not find any 2ohm speakers anywhere. I installed the Infinity 652i(4ohm speaker) with my Bose, you will just need to turn the volume up higher. There will be twice as many lines(less one or two) showing on the volume bar for the same volume level with the new speakers.

Couple things I did:
- Turned the base and treble down a lil since the factory sub and door tweeters are still active and the 652s makes it almost overkill.
- Fade just a lil front more to balance the base from the front to the back(the sub power is controled by the volume off the rear speakers).

As for worthwhile upgrades & accesories its my #1(around $180), followed by SS Maniks, and Joshua Tree WoodTrim.

As for install, search on "My Speaker Upgrade" or posts from "Mjaime" he has some great pictures with step by step in the same thread.

Good luck!

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ok so there wont be anyproblems at all exepct having to ajust fade and volume a bit? What if i change my sub can i get 4 ohm or does it have to be 2 ohm ? or is it the same story as the speakers, adjust fade and volume?
Some folks replaced their sub with a Pioneer compact sub(model t-28c somthing). I looked for one given the recommendations here but couldn't find one and decided to let my ears decide.

After installing 652s and making the said adjustments I decided to keep my stock bose sub, but I did run dynamat around the edges where the sub attaches/touches the car. Not sure if the dynamat made things any better since the 652's provide good base. Didn't add any dynamat behind the sub either, in my 2002, there is a big thick chunk of insulate sound absorber behind the sub area already.

Over time I have found car subs loose their punch, due to either inadequate power, component lifespan or the elements. The latter two will most like impact bose since their speaker contruction seams cheap(imagine the sub as well, didn't look) and are all using paper-based cone construction. Some of the polypropolene speakers are problematic as well in colder climates(if its -5 don't crank the tunes, at least it was covered under warranty).

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i needed to know the depts of the door speakers and how much deeper i can go, and the dept of the sub and also how much deeper i can go, if i can.??????
Sub - Pioneer TS-W28C


If you’re still interested. (You might have seen my post in the 'MY SPEAKER THREAD’).

I too had hard time finding the Pioneer TS-W28C sub. Pioneer doesn't even list it on there web site, but last week I finally stumbled onto them at our local Sears (they actually had 12 in stock). $59.00. also lists them.

I ordered the 652i from your source ( on 12/2 and today I see they finally shipped. Probably after your post they had a run on them. I should have everything accumulated by the end of next week. Look's like a good project for the Christmas week.
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