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Help Me, I'm Drowning...

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I hate to gross out my fellow posters but I believe this is of legitimate relevance.
For the second time this month, my 21-month-old son threw up all over the back seat of our brand-new MDX! And this time after only 30 minutes on the road.
This only happened once before in our previous car (a 1999 Subaru Outback) and he has been on many trips, some as long as 6 hours, without any problems.
This concerns me because the kid's only been in the MDX four or five times, and on it's maiden voyage (to Providence; one hour away) he did the same thing on the return trip.
More than one friend has suggested that it's the "new car smell", which is particularly strong. I've also noticed that he has a better view from the side window and tends to look outside a lot more than he used to. Are all those trees whizzing by at 75 miles per making him sick?
I cleaned and conditioned all the leather with Mother's and also wiped down all the vinyl and plastic with Meguiar's so now the interior smells like a tropical rain forest. I also placed a box of Arm & Hammer baking soda in the CD compartment to help cut down on the new car smell. Will this be enough? Is baby Dramamine my last hope? (Does it even exist?)
I told my wife that we're carrying a bailing bucket on our next trip and tonight when I say my prayers I'll be thanking Tim for those all-season floor mats...
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Good one, Gator :D

Here's an old thread on motion sickness in the MDX. It was a grownup and not a toddler, tho. Some information is in there. It's an entertaining read:

(Stargazer already ID'd the most likely solution - fresh air. Via windows or rear vents. Worth a try.)
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