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Hello to all MDXers members. I'm new on this site. Although I had my 2008 MDX for a while. I love this car. I'm almost at 150K miles. Everything is ok so far.
I had encountered A/C issue with the AC clutch relay as well, had it replaced and A/C was working fine. Just recently my alternator went south and had to replace and it's all good.
Now I just encountered rear A/C issue last week. I read some threads talked about the heater transistor but not similar to my issue.
My front A/C is working fine. My rear A/C control is still working but no A/C at all. All I get is hot air blowing out from rear. Can someone help to navigate this issue? Possibly related to a relay somewhere in the center console or elsewhere, please let me know.
Thank you very much for your help and support.
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