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Hello MDX drivers

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Just wanted to say hello to all of you .I am a mechanic for Park Ave Acura ,although I do not own an MDX I work on them so if there is any way I can offer help or advice feel free to ask here or send me an e-mail/PM message .I try to check my mail once a day in the evening so if you have a questions etc. allow me a day or two to get back to you .Please note all replies are strictly my own and do not reflect the opinions or positions of any car company or the dealer I work for .Again hello to all of you .Jens
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Jens -

Welcome and glad to have you aboard!
Hey Jens,

I post on the CL and TL boards also. You'll find this forum much more civilized and mature. We do have our moments though.

Welcome and thanks

Welcome and thanks for offering to help...
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