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Heading to Cleveland.....

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.....for the day on this coming Friday to meet up with a friend of mine from Detroit and swap some audio gear :)

Any people in the area with any suggestions for some neat things to see there? We're planning on hitting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame so far.
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Science center

Tim. The science center is right next door to the hall of fame.

Have fun
If you are into that kind of stuff... the RRHF is cool, but i didnt like it. Hmmm... you can go to Tower City, that is always fun. Also, if you want audio equipment or want to look at rims, go to Randall Mall, my brother in law's store is in there. He will hook you up! PM me if you want more stuff to do. Cleveland is kinda boooooring... :(
Wish I could have gone to your brother's store.....time was tight though.

Anyways, so a bit about my trip.....

I had a lot of fun! Round trip from my driveway was exactly 401 miles. I was early at one point and a bit hungry, so I stopped off in Wickliffe Ohio to grab a bite. Then, I thought, "hey, one of my good customers has a shop on Mapledale Drive in Wickliffe! I should stop in and say hi!"

Rule #1: Even if you ask directions and you think it's a small town, don't ever try to go somewhere not knowing where you're going. I asked the lady at McDonalds where I stopped for coffee for directions. Half an hour later I was lost somewhere on Euclid St. in Wickliffe. I'm not used to 25 MPH city speed limits, and the town was CRAWLING with police cars. I've never seen so many in a small town in my life. Finally got out and back on the road fine.

I had to laugh though, there were signs on the street saying that if there was over 2" of snow on the ground, that there was no street parking. Ha! There's never be streets like that in good ole Buffalo :cool:

It rained most of the way down. Funny thing, in Ohio, the towns are called "corporations" and all of the bridges are painted blue....


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I'm always a sucker for taking a shot at a state line.....drove the wife's CR-V down. Nice vehicle for a trip, even if it is underpowered.


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Cleveland is a huge city by Buffalo standards....wish I could have spent more time exploring. Downtown is about four times the city of Buffalo by a rough guess.


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Since they didn't allow picture taking in the museum, we shot this in the lobby. I'm the guy on the right :)


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Great pics, thanks for sharing and it looks like you had a great time.
Don't worry... u didnt miss much in downtown... :p... omg wickliffe is the most racist city when it comes to the police... well not just racist... but those guys are bastards... they'll pull you over for anything! seems like you had fun... that's really good! tower city is a nice place to go next time you visit!
Tim, great pics. . . looks like the weather wasn't the greatest. . . but road trips are generally fun!
Tim, Tim, Tim,
first off, great pics. But here you are doing a great job of promoting Acura/Honda stuff, you'd think Ray would at least provide you with an X so you would'nt have to lose your way :2:
Tim. Glad you had a good time. You passed within 2 miles of our little town of Ashtabula, which BTW is still a 1 MDX town.:D

Question though, I noticed that outside of every town, it will say, for example, "Cleveland Corp Limits". Does "corp" stand for "corporation"?
An answer?

Tim, below is a response back from my wife on your question. But I don't know if I understand what she said but here goes. Hopefully someone will give the long version...

It's either incorporated or unincorporated -- it means it's a legal formation, as in a city. Unincorporated are usually rural areas. Towns are incorporated because they are united as one town, city, etc. I didn't do a very good job of describing this, did I?

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