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headers for MDX

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I did post where you may find them. I also have explained where I got mine.

I have a friend that lives in Japan and we help each other source for vehicle parts. He gets me exotic Japanese motorcycle and Japanese auto parts and I in turn get him old car parts for his low riders.(The are HUGE in Japan.)

As for the Mugen headers- I had to have the headers exported from Mugen Japan. I know that King Motorsports is the only North American Mugen parts distributor that is why I refer some of you there. I dont know what King's plans are as far as carrying the headers and exhaust for the MDX but I had to pay a lot of money for mine because I had it imported from Japan.
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Run into any problems


I recall several months back there was a visitor on the forum who claimed to have two upgrades for the MDX. First upgrade increased the power to 280hp and the second to 300hp. He mentioned it had to do with the headers. He disappeared and it was as though his claims were forgotten. Does anyone recall what I'm talking about?
Back to the subject, do your new headers give you any trouble? Were they made for the MDX or are they for, lets say the CL or RL, but fit the X. I'm alway looking for improvements, but I'm hesistant to replace the headers without more information and feedback. Could you also tell me more about removing the silencer box from the engine to give it that "super charged sound."
Last, do you know if the 2003 is getting a new engine or just some tweaks we can use. I keep getting different information from everyone.


It was syncivic and here's the thread.
Hey Fireblade6,

I've called King Motorsports 'cause I'm really interested in obtaining any performance parts for the X. I cannot find anything out there to replace factory parts that's bolt on. King claims there is no aftermarket performance parts out there yet or of other manufacturers working on. They also state that they are not aware of Japan working on any projects and say that they are up to date on everything Mugen does. They also say that no other Acura car aftermarket parts fit on the X or ones from Japan - different specs they say, to answer Magnus' question. Not that I don't believe you but could you post pics of your Mugen parts on your X to clear up some things.

syncivic provided an e mail address any one e mail him to ask about the avbailibility of the performance package if its true might be som ML or BmW owner trying to trick us?
I've done a fair amount of performance work on Honda/Acura with aftermarket parts. There has to be a known market before the aftermarket manufacturers(Mugan, King, AEM,Comptech,etc.) will spent big bucks on development and manufacturing. I don't think there are enough of us MDX owners that will spent enough money on "hop-up" parts (too many "mall cruisers" own MDX's) to stimulate the aftermarket. Maybe this will happen in a year or two or until Acura starts producing MDXs in larger volumes and lots of people buy them. I don't think RX300s have a lot of "go faster" parts and there are a lot more of them. If you have ever been under the X and look where the stock exhaust is located - it's very tight. A header would have to be either very elaborate(expensive) or simular to OEM and not much more efficient. Probably all we can expect in the future for add-ons is a CAT back exhaust system, an intake system(K & N, etc), and maybe a computer chip. Anything more than this will cost big $$ and probably void the warranty. I don't think most of us will do this to a $40K vehicle - and I think the aftermarket people feel the same.
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Headers and 20" Wheels

It would be nice to see pics of previous posts in regards to mods Fireblade has made; ie headers, dvd screen, and 20" wheels. Your pics from January were cool but were before mods were made. Your previous posts indicated these mods coming in, would love to see 'em so I can consider adding to my X. Thanks!
Performance Enhancements

Anybody else have performance enhancers on their X? If so, any info on where to purchase and installation tips?
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