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04 MDX Touring

Bumped someone in September 2016. On way home (100 miles) the tranny line in the radiator rutpured mixing transmission fluid and engine coolant. Towed home.
New radiator and new bumper cover installed. Flushed tranny and engine 4 times. Ran and drove fine.
Next month on my weekend with the kids again, started the 600 mile round trip.
150 miles into the trip, being weary of the tranny, the VTM light flashed as I was doing 70 mph on the interstate. I failed to check the TEMP gauge. I started looking for an exit.
Within 2 minutes, I saw an exit coming up and the check engine light came on, again, I did not look at the TEMP gauge. Within that 2 minutes, before I reached the exit, it died. I coasted off the road.
Popped the hood and heard the sizzle and crackling and saw milk coming from the overflow.
I tried to start it, it just spun, freely sounding.
I waited, it cooled down, same thing. Only cranked but wouldn't hit.
Towed it home.

Tore it down thinking it would be obvious.
I don't see what is going on.

The head gaskets are both separated about half. They are apparently 3 layers of metal.

I just want to get it back on the road to drive locally.
It is too nice to scrap and I can't afford to spend much on it, she had a boyfriend, I found out and she got the house, the bank accounts and half my tools.

Any helpful information to get the MDX back on the road will be appreciated.



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Recommend to have cylinder heads rebuilt, new valve stem seals, valves reseated, and head shaved flat. I once skipped this step (just checked heads for flatness) and got to redo job for my negligence.

You don't say but assume that timing belt has been replaced earlier? If not include this for sure.

A Big Job. My sympathies. I just did the TB on my 03MDX and it's a breeze compared w/ head gasket job!

good luck
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