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Having rattles since day one off the lot, then I noticed….

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Just a little giggle for you guys. I thought it was funny. anyways,

had a steering wheel Column creak and rattle the next day at 100 miles. Eventually went away after 1k miles I believe.

Then I kept hearing rattles behind me second row. Apparently it was the seat latching maybe wasn’t latched all the way. Issue solved.

Then for awhile I’ve been hearing this annoying loud ratting sound behind me second row. Both sides passenger and driver. I checked last night after driving to see what could that sound be.
Found the who’s behind the noises….

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Luggage and bags Vehicle

Food Comfort Tints and shades Linens Electric blue

.. the elephant and the triceratops !!

lol. I thought it was funny. I had a good laugh to myself. Thanks kids and their toys. 😂
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