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Has anyone painted their...

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...B pillar to match the body color? In the case of my Nighthawk Black Pearl 'X, the dull black plastic B pillars look pretty cheap in contrast. It's probably not as noticeable on other colors. I was thinking of getting some NBP paint and painting them to match. What do you guys think of my idea?
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Flat black B-pillars

I use the B-pillar as a place to put my hand when closing the front doors. The fact that it's "flat black" means no finger-prints on the shiney stuff. (My X is black, too.)
However, on the lighter colored Xs, painting the B-pillar the same finish as the body might look a bit (dare I say it?) mini-van-ish!:eek: The contrasting color works visually IMO.
Gator, I agree with Leader.....I use the dull finish to diffuse any fingerprints I may leave behind while closing the front doors.

The Bpillar may be more noticeable on lighter color X's, but I think on my black one, it blends in pretty nicely.
On a related subject... Our B-pillars are beginning to turn gray. They haven't been waxed, but they have that appearance. Armorall (sp?) brings the black color back for a short period of time. I have seen a product at the auto parts store called "Back To Black". I think it is a Mothers product. Has anyone tried this? I live in S. Florida so the sun may be the problem. The car is garaged but only at night.

On a similar, but unrelated, subject... The place I take the car to for detailing uses a liquid to dress the tires. They apply it with a small squeegee. It lasts for over a week where the commercial products are good for only a few days. Any ideas here?

intrceptor....two recommendations....try "303 Aerospace Protectant is the most manufacturer recommended protectant by manufacturers of automotive, aviation and boating vinyl. 303 Aerospace Protectant protects any vinyl, rubber or plastic surface from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. Regular use can prevent nearly 100% of UV fading and degradation!" according to the mfg.

also, I use Zaino z-16 tire gloss for tires and all rubber/vinyl exterior surfaces. the stuff is non-greasy and lasts thru multiple car washes....unlike silicone based products, it produces a satin, not glossy, waxy finish. I take my X to a manual car wash and blast the hell out the wheel and tire.....the water actually beads off the tire like it was waxed. Amazing stuff.

try both....hope they help. I am in a sunshine state too, but my car is garaged where I work and at home, but ya never know.....let me know how they work out.
Guys the flat dull looking color on the pilars are there for ONE reason. to push the doors to close and to PREVENT finger prints and scratches when you close the doors.

If you think about this...There is a science to this as to why the engineers did this. Rings on fingers, finger nails, key chain in hand while closing doors, sweat and oils from hand and fingers. For some reason the material Acura/Honda use is magical in a way that when you put your grimey hands on it and close the doors...the prints disappear after a bit.//whoah!

Any..I wouldnt paint them.
Our B-pillars are beginning to turn gray

I have the same problem your having interceptor. I dont think it is due to the sun since I am in NJ and only after having the X for 1.5 months I am experiencing the fading gray pillars :(

I agree with not painting them and it being the most convenient place to shut the door on the way out, but they shouldnt fade so soon. I can understand maybe a year or two down the road; of course it depends on the wear/tear and or usage but i sure didnt buy a $40k car to have it sitting pretty. And this pillar fading sure takes away from the car especially since it is right there where you see it all the time on the way into the X.

Has anyone approached the dealer about this?

the material Acura/Honda use is magical in a way

Not magical enough if it is going to fade and turn gray. Fireblade6 the prints may disappear on your pillar and you may not be experiencing the same problem I am cause at this point I cant even see my finger prints at all since the pillar is fading/turning gray. Definitely something I need to look into.

How long have you had your X Fireblade6? Just interested in knowing if I should be experiencing this issue 1.5 months into the X.

The way this pillar is turning for the worst
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Fireblade6 and MDXplosion, I tend to agree with what both of you are saying about not painting the B pillars, but on a black 'X (like mine) the dull black B pillar looks really bad IMO. Imagine having a vehicle that comes from the factory with painted B pillars like for example a blue Ford Escape, but the B pillar is instead a lighter, duller blue than the rest of the vehicle. That's sort of what my 'X looks like. You and I both know it's supposed to be a flat black, but it kind of looks like a poorly matched black paint job. I got to drive an '02 TL Type S as a service loaner a couple weekends ago and the first thing I noticed was the nice shiny black B pillar. I'd gladly trade the dull black ones on my 'X for the shiny/glossy black ones on the TL, even if it meant I needed to wipe off a few finger prints on occassion. I looked around in the showroom and some Acura models come with dull black, others come with the shiny black. Not sure why they don't all get the shiny black ones :(
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If you don't like the dull B pillars now, wait until they get realy dull - like light gray. I've had my MDX since October 2000 so maybe there were some improvements along the way.

I've seen suggestions ranging from Mother's 'Back to Black' to peanut butter. Anyone tried these with success?
You guys decide.......

Ok gator here are 2 pics. I think it looks ok - but it doesn't shine like the paint.


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This one shows a little more diff between the 'B' pillar and the paint. Oh - also this is before the Zaino - the first pic posted (above) was after my first coat of Zaino.


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Gator - I guess it's a personal preference, but I wouldn't paint them. As others have posted - they hide the fingerprints!
it's a personal preference.....

Exactly texrb it is a personal preference. One that is eating away at Gator :)

Gator it seems like it is really bugging you, especially since they are one of the first things you see and touch on the way into the X. As interceptor said, wait till they change/fade into gray like ours are doing.

If they really bug you that much then go ahead and have them painted....go ahead and take one for the team.... :D If they dont look good then you'll just have to revert them and install new ones. If it looks good then I am sure others would be interested in seeing pics and perhaps do it themselves.

Just keep in mind the rest of the flat black parts on the X and how they will contrast the all new shiny pillar and the rest might just look dull and out place. I dont think it is going to look like crap...hell it might just look great (on black that is). My X is mohagony and the black contrast on the tinted windows, including the flat black pillar blends in just fine. Let us know if you decide to paint them and of course post pics.

TEXRB you think your X can shine anymore! Goodness, gracious I think I saw my reflection off of it....:D Good job.
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I'm not sure about using Armor All or Back to Black or any type of dressing on what appears to be a painted B-pillar surface. I put Zaino on them, and they darkened and seem fine. But there is no escaping the fact that they are lighter in color, and will fade.

I might paint them on my black MDX, but not on any other color.

Re: it's a personal preference.....

MDXplosion said:
Exactly texrb it is a personal preference. One that is eating away at Gator :)

Gator it seems like it is really bugging you, especially since they are one of the first things you see and touch on the way into the X. As interceptor said, wait till they change/fade into gray like ours are doing.
Hmmm...I wonder how many complimentary bottles of NBP touch up paint I can finnagle out of my dealer...or maybe I should just get some counseling :p
Re: it's a personal preference.....

MDXplosion said:
TEXRB you think your X can shine anymore! Goodness, gracious I think I saw my reflection off of it....:D Good job. [/B]
Thanks MDXplosion :) The first pic has one coat of Zaino, now I have 3 on it and it really shines :D The second pic was the wax job from the delivering dealer - that wasn't too bad either, but the Zaino does look a lot better.

Acuracer - I have the same problems with my wife leaving fingerprints from the makeup - but it wipes right off - maybe because I put Z-5 & Z-6 on the 'B' pillar.
I owned a '99 TL with the gloss black 'B' pillars. Fingerprints were a real problem. If you have kids your always cleaning this area. However, if you still want to proceed with the change you might want to check with your parts department. If I remember correctly this area on the TL was a gloss black decal. I know it was a decal around the window frame at least. Maybe you could apply the decal material and if you don't like it simply remove it. If you go the decal route let us know how it works.
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