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Hard start...

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I had remembered a thread on the engine being hard to start especially first thing in the morning. I had this problem last week (less than 1000 miles) on a relatively warm morning with X parked in the garage. I remembered the discussion about the key sensors, and after two attempts to make the engine fire - I turned the key over (physically) and it started immediately. Am I nuts or what??????:rolleyes: Is this possible for a "cure"....or a coincidence?

Any opinions would be appreciated!

By the way, we had not driven the X in a few days (due to illness - certainly not lack of cruising desire), and tonight it cranked right up. I hope the other situation was a fluke! "Cause we are loving this car!!:D
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Hard starting

There was a post about turning your key forward and waiting a couple of seconds in the forward position without starting prior to the full turn for the start. The reasoning was that when your forward, it powers the fuel pump building pressure then when you fully engage their is more than enough fuel pressure to start. Mine actually had similiar problems during the breakin period for the first 1000 miles, after that it went away. I haven't had since the 1000 miles and now I'm at 4750 miles. I also broke in by not going over 55 miles per hour the first 1000 miles. :D
DaleB said:
This problem just bit me this morning! Car was well warmed up I had been driving a while.
Came to a FedEx drop off box. Parked and alarmed the X even though I just had to make a quick run to the box.
I was back in a minute at most. Turned the key, and the engine just cranked, never started. For the heck of it, turned the key over and tried again and it started right up.
I think it would have even if I didn't turn the key over. Just on a re-start.
Somehow I do think it's related to immobilizer which cuts the fuel supply. We will see if was just a fluke!
This was only my 2nd problem with this vehicle but both problems happened within 12 hours of each other! The first being the noise in the rear right quarter under another topic.
Ony 2100 miles and it's falling apart aarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!!
Seriously, I think this is a great vehicle if the truth be known. :2:
I only had this happen during my first 2500 miles during the breakin period. The only thing I would check is to make sure your not giving gas when starting the SUV. It's not needed on fuel injected cars and that will sometimes give to much gas and cause to crank with no start. Other than that, the other item I heard was to leave the key in forward position for a second or two to build the fuel pressure thru the fuel pump, before the full turn to start. Since my 2500 miles I've never experienced this problem at all and I'm at 10,500 already. Even my auto start which cranks very little starts all the time on the money and never misses. The auto start has a feature if the car didn't start on first attempt it would wait for 30 seconds and do another try, which I've never had happen. The other could be a bad gas fill and something could be clogged in the fuel filter. You'll have to wait and see if it continues or goes away. Good luck.
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