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Hard start...

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I had remembered a thread on the engine being hard to start especially first thing in the morning. I had this problem last week (less than 1000 miles) on a relatively warm morning with X parked in the garage. I remembered the discussion about the key sensors, and after two attempts to make the engine fire - I turned the key over (physically) and it started immediately. Am I nuts or what??????:rolleyes: Is this possible for a "cure"....or a coincidence?

Any opinions would be appreciated!

By the way, we had not driven the X in a few days (due to illness - certainly not lack of cruising desire), and tonight it cranked right up. I hope the other situation was a fluke! "Cause we are loving this car!!:D
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This is great! I've been wondering about this for a couple months. I've 2000 miles on my MDX....and I had the same problem in the beginning. Thanks.
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