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Purchased a 2005 MDX about two years ago with 110k miles on it. From day #1 the steering felt very heavy and certain bumps or road unevenness pull the steering wheel left or right. Yesterday I had the opportunity to drive an 04 MDX with 130k miles on it and the steering was much smoother so I know I have an issue.

Some quick notes:
1. Fluid is full and clean
2. Oring replaced 1 year ago
3. ZERO leaks
4. ZERO noises from steering or suspension
5. Tire PSI = 34psi Cold
6. Tracks straight on highway
7. Rides smooth over bumps so shocks appear to be good (no leaks from shocks)

So it's got to be either the pump, rack, or tires. Is there a way to find out if it's either the pump or rack? I really don't want to start throwing money at it if there is a way to properly diagnose first. If not, I guess I'll start with a new pump unless someone has any other suggestions.

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