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Great Dealers

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So far, I have had great experiences with the following dealers. All charge MSRP.

Acura of Portland (oregon)
Acura of Spokane
Beaudry Acura (Tucson, Az.)
Acura of Las Vegas

The worst dealings I've had so far have been at:

Acura of Lynnwood (Washington state)
Acura of Bellevue (Washington state)

both charge way above MSRP, and Acura of Lynnwood is actually supposed to be the COSTCO dealer. Costco dealers don't have to give discounts on certain high demand vehicles such as the MDX. However, they are supposed to treat customers better than other dealers to qualify to be a Costco dealer.

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Sarge Glock,

If you get a chance to see his reply, Email me and I can put you in touch with a few dealers on The New Jersey Shore. You might have a problem buying a vehicle in Canada and having it conform to NY, s stringent MV laws.

Frmr Newark P.D
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