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Great Dealers

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So far, I have had great experiences with the following dealers. All charge MSRP.

Acura of Portland (oregon)
Acura of Spokane
Beaudry Acura (Tucson, Az.)
Acura of Las Vegas

The worst dealings I've had so far have been at:

Acura of Lynnwood (Washington state)
Acura of Bellevue (Washington state)

both charge way above MSRP, and Acura of Lynnwood is actually supposed to be the COSTCO dealer. Costco dealers don't have to give discounts on certain high demand vehicles such as the MDX. However, they are supposed to treat customers better than other dealers to qualify to be a Costco dealer.

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Long Distance

Originally posted by sgtglok

200 Mile Radius I too am from NYC. I investigated L.I. dealers; visited Paragon (and was jerked around b/c they wanted $2K over); called other local dealers (5 month waits and upto $5K over MSRP); and finally bought at Brunswick in NJ. I got my car without waiting and paid MSRP with no options (probably just lucky, I called last month and they had one in transit; I went in the next day and it acutally had arrived the night before; but, I probably got screwed on my trade by $1,700). Try calling Fred (nice enough guy, but like all Acura dealers, they make no excuses for asking for and getting maximum profit).

As a NJ dealer they processed my tags, but they could not do the required NY inspection (I had to do at a local shop for $10).

Canadian MDX Check out the threads on this site. I think it may not be worth the savings. First, it only comes with a Canadian warranty, not a U.S. warranty (although you could buy an aftermarket sub-Acura policy). Second, it needs conversion of metric meters (speedo and temperature).
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Re: Acura of Brooklyn

vip9 said:

Check out Acura of Brooklyn. Great experience!!! . . . Paragon Acura sucks!!!
Don't forget to "rate" your dealer experiences at I had the same experience with Paragon (plus they wanted to charge me a second $495 destination fee "to deliver the car from the dealer to me" even though I was a walk-in and $300 to "inspect" my trade-in).
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