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Great Dealers

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So far, I have had great experiences with the following dealers. All charge MSRP.

Acura of Portland (oregon)
Acura of Spokane
Beaudry Acura (Tucson, Az.)
Acura of Las Vegas

The worst dealings I've had so far have been at:

Acura of Lynnwood (Washington state)
Acura of Bellevue (Washington state)

both charge way above MSRP, and Acura of Lynnwood is actually supposed to be the COSTCO dealer. Costco dealers don't have to give discounts on certain high demand vehicles such as the MDX. However, they are supposed to treat customers better than other dealers to qualify to be a Costco dealer.

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Great Feedback Mike. I too have had great experiences at Acura or Portland. For that matter, Roger Womack is my salesperson and I think he has added a great deal to the forums.

Both he and Tim (hondacuraworld) have provided insight and made the efforts to answer our questions. I am sure there are other salespeople who would do the same, it's just that I have had great experience with these two. The whole point of this forum is for MDX owners and lovers to share experiences, and lessons learned.

I'll be seeing Roger later today, as my Vin number has arrived and we are meeting to take care of the paperwork. Oh, by the way, today is Roger's day off, but he knows how important this is to me, so he is planning to meet with me. It's that kind of commitment that will keep me coming back to his dealership, and recommend him to all of you.

See ya later Roger!

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I worked with a few local dealers, however I wanted to be comfortable with whom I was dealing with. It's not like anyone was going to price the car below MSRP!

I looked at delivery time and price of the vehicle. I also spoke to the many dealers numerous times, and determined on my own, who I felt I could trust. Was it scientific? No. Did it make me feel better when I paid $40g for my car? Yes. Truth is, that is all that matters...

Having said that, I read somewhere (either here or Edmunds or other sites) about several Acura dealers in Westchester County (where I am from). If I recall correctly, most people hated Curry Acura, and most were happy with Acura of Westchester. Hopefully, I got that right!

Either way, my experience at Acura or Portland has been great thus far. The car should arrive this week, and then I will comment on the delivery process. Several months down the road, I will comment on service. In the end, two things will happen. First off, I will know whether I will ever buy from this dealer again. Secondly, I will share that opinion with anyone who is willing to listen. This is the power of the Consumer. There is one dealer in this area (not an Acura delaer) whom I would never walk into again, as they are a bunch of rude, dishonest, foolish people (edited for language). After that experience, I realize how important it is to share my good experiences with people, so they can go to the same dealership and enjoy along with me.

-- Uncle Mikey
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