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Granite Green Owners... start your engines

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In surfing through this site/forum, I recognize that there is something lacking for us GG owners. We don't have a name to refer to our MDX...

S. Silver - The silver bullet
M. Beige - Golden Chariot
T. White - Marshmallow
R. Red - Road Runner (I think?)
N. Black - Darth X or something like that (don't tell them but it's actually a very-very dark blue... he he)
*D. Mohogany - Tootsie Roll (Edited to make some happy campers)
But with G. Green - we got nothing going on here!!! In fact, most people probably still think GG is green...

Don't be bashful, step up and submit some clever names that portray the sophistication of this magnificent color...

*By the way, "the Grey/green Gas Guzzler" will not cut it even though I have this theory that the GG gets less mpg than the other colors...
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Alien Green

back in the USSR we called such a color as "wet asphalt"...Hmm, not sure it sounds as good in English. :)
Proskunetes, you forgot to include the "Tootsie Roll" Mahogany color in your list.

For the GG: how about "titanium green"!
How 'bout Green Hornet?

How about it GG owners? "The Green Hornet" Well, my Tootsie Roll won't be here 'till March.
So far,
"wet asphalt" - kind of implies that the X smells funny like a wet dog...
"titanium green" - there is potential in the titanium part, wouldn't you say?
"Green Hornet" - catchy but people will think it's green and get all confused with the Emerald...

*We need something so clever that other MDX owners will wish they too had the GG.
this would be more manly...


- ablank
My buddy Thai's CR-V goes by the nickname "The Green Machine" :p However, it's kind of a dark shade of green as you can see in the pic below :D


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Since we don't know what color it really is but we thinks its green my vote is for "Chameleon".


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BosMDX said:
Since we don't know what color it really is but we thinks its green my vote is for "Chameleon".
Although I'm not expecting a GG MDX, I think the BOS man got the name that perfectly fits the GG. I vote "Chameleon".

Note: This was our first choice of color. But unfortunately, it did not come with Saddle interior.
GG nickname - The Fortress

How about - "The Fortress".

I see more "granite" color in my MDX than "green". Like the grand fortresses of the past built from granite boulders to withstand hostile forces and to protect occupants, the MDX is a solid reliable transportation and protection from the elements for its occupants.

"The Fortress" confirms the solid feel of the MDX.
I like the Chameleon since it truly changes colors depending on the light!

By the way -- I just had to share that my husband called our salesman and mine is being shipped tomorrow, so I should have it late next week. I'm just so damn excited -- I've been waiting since May -- I had to share with people who understand my pain!
dfroim said:
back in the USSR we called such a color as "wet asphalt"...Hmm, not sure it sounds as good in English. :)
Hmm - it's hard to beat "wet asphalt" - maybe "Algae-covered boulders". I have some Ukranian friends, maybe I can get a better translation...

Thanson - hang in there -we're watchin'! :)
I think...

How about "the rock"? It looks like a giant luxurious $40k rock. I have yet to see the green... its a medium metallic grey.

What's up Honda? Sure looks G od-Damn-G rey!! to me
How about Granite Quarry? as in "object of a hunt or pursuit"?

The other meaning, "open excavation from which stone [money!]is obtained" seems to be ringing true... :)

Chameleon is also a good choice...
I haven't thought of a catch name yet but my description for GG has been either 1) industrial grey or 2) gunmetal. Can anyone help?


I like "the rock"
Chameleon Wins!

Chameleon is a great suggestion, cool and accurate.
Why don't u guys take the candidates and start a poll thread over in the Polls forum? You can keep track that way. Might be fun!
Its Green Its Green!!!

Being in Hawaii,
I have found that if you park the MDX with the nose facing at exactly 309 degrees magnetic north "Not true north", and the sun is completely unobscured at exactly 1452 hrs Hawaiian Standard Time, with temperatures ranging from 79.7 to 89.3 degrees.

You simply have to stand exactly 3 feet 4.75 inches from the fuel filler door, and squat down till you eyes are exactly 4 feet 2.25 inches from the ground.

Now from this location you simply turn your head to the 11 o-clock position "12 o-clock being facing straight at the fuel filler door", then tilt your head up slowly to exactly 07 degrees.

From this point you will notice that the sun light reflecting off of the metallic particles in the paint seem to bend, giving the illusion that the metallic flakes are actually larger than they are and they take on a tint of "GREEN" on a medium grey paint back ground.

Grant it this will only last for 15.3 seconds so you have to practice for a couple of weeks to completly enjoy the full extent of this experience, other wise simply be content that it is called Granite Green, with the constant illusion of being simply Medium Metallic Gray.

Warning results may vary in individual cases and findings soley rest with the perception of the individual, and in no way supported legally or otherwise by me.

Last note, it is kinda cool though when you tell someone it is Granite Green and they spend and extra 5 minutes admiring it try to find out how you come up with Green.

Aloha & Mahalo
Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)

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