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Best color: Granite Green or Silver

  • Granite Green

    Votes: 51 41.8%
  • Silver

    Votes: 55 45.1%
  • Black

    Votes: 16 13.1%

Granite Green or Silver

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What is most attractive and appealing, Granite Green or Silver. I hate to sound superficial, but when I spend 35K plus I would like to turn a few heads.
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It's gettin' late and I'm feeling giddy, so I added "black" so GatorGreg and I would be able to vote. :D

I see the running's fairly even. I think either GG or SS are great choices. Silver will be easier to maintain -- it'll stay cleaner since it's lighter. It'll have a bright shine. A well-detailed GG will have a deep shine, but can appear kinda dreary on cloudy days.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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