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Best color: Granite Green or Silver

  • Granite Green

    Votes: 51 41.8%
  • Silver

    Votes: 55 45.1%
  • Black

    Votes: 16 13.1%

Granite Green or Silver

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What is most attractive and appealing, Granite Green or Silver. I hate to sound superficial, but when I spend 35K plus I would like to turn a few heads.
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LOL msu.............I would have had a similiar post, except TheWorm saved me by adding black!

I was waffling on what color to buy last year, until came came across TheWorm's post showing the Zaino shine on Black.

I said "wow" and when I showed the pic to my wife she said "See, I TOLD you Black was better". We both wanted Saddle interior & I was trying to decide between another white SUV (my RX is white with Silver body cladding) and ordering RR site unseen.

Black is the best when it's clean, but most of the other colors are a lot easier to keep clean!
TheWorm said:
I think either GG or SS are great choices. Silver will be easier to maintain -- it'll stay cleaner since it's lighter. It'll have a bright shine. A well-detailed GG will have a deep shine, but can appear kinda dreary on cloudy days. [/B]
I agree with TheWorm here. I think GG looks terrific (I saw Acurate's GG & it was spectacular) and I have seen SS at the dealer look terrific too. My last car was Honda's Heather Mist - a "champagne/silver/beige/??" that was very easy to keep clean.

jskibi..........Either choice - you won't go wrong
Best colors for resale.........

Octavian, the add for Black doesn't surprise me,

According to my good friend who is the GM at a Honda dealer, (and some research I read somewhere) 3 of the best colors for resale (and not necessarily in this order) are Black, White, & Silver. I forget what the 4th one was.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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