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Got my VIN.. only days away.. ahhh

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Hiya gang.. finally got my vin.. I am now days away..

can someone please "translate" the Vin..


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The 2806th MDX in production for 2002 US model with touring and Navi. Who cares the rest :D

Congratulations and enjoy the final moment of waiting like being expectant :D
There were a couple of threads discussing this... I will try to get to as much as I can


Yours is 2806th MDX made for 2002
It's destined to be sold in US (5 after H)
It's a Touring Navigation Model
It's an SUV type
It's made by Honda (H after first 2)
It's made in Canada (First 2)
It's 2002 Model (2 before H)

This is as much I could remember, but look at the other threads which discuss this.

Congratulations!! and welcome to the club. What color did you get?
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Thanks, I got the SS.. as my signature says.. now, where can i track it with this VIN??

Did dealer tell you actual day it was shipped? From history, he should know transit time, which should be about 10 days. Seems it should be available right after Thanksgiving.

The next few days are the hardest for the wait! (I just picked up my "new baby" from the "auto hospital":D
It's About Time

You have been kicking around this site for a long enough to be a non-owner. Congrats on moving closer to the magic moment. Make sure you post some pics to consumate the experience!!:D
thanks guys, I probably won't be able to sleep till I get "the call"

Good job, buddy!

Man, you all are making me green with envy! I'm so psyched for those who are about to become proud owners....I hope to be in the same boat soon....

I am so anxieous... The only thing that makes time go a bit faster is the fact that my wife is 7 weeks away :) and I am looking forward to that even more..

Thanks for support and you can count on pictures ASAP!!

congratulations... just to give you an idea of how long it takes for the MDX to make it to the NY area, my '02s build date was 11/1 thru 11/5... i got a call yesterday that the truck actually was delivered to the dealership on Friday, 11/16... so it took 10 - 11 days to get here...

I was hoping to get it prep'd and ready for me to pick up this Friday, but just found out today that the service area is closed thursday and friday, so I will have to wait until early next week. The salesman said I could pick it up Monday after 5 or Tuesday. I told him i won't pick up a car at night... so I'm planning on picking it up Tuesday..

Also, you used to be able to track the vin on the rail system used, but since the 9/11 tragedy, the railroad has secured their web site and you can no longer track items without being their direct customer....

Best of luck with your new MDX and the other package due in 7 weeks....

:) :)

So, with my build date being 11/11-11/15 - I should be expecting it to arrive at the dealership 11/26 or 28th the latest, considering the holidays and the fact I am getting it from Hillside Acura in Long Island.. So, hopefully they will have enough time to prep it for Friday 11/30 delivery!!! who-hoo!!!! - as I am going to brother's house for his birthday on Dec 2nd.. all the relatives are going to freak out!!

The carrier for the other package has been extremely nice too! Customer Service there is the best! :)

Picking mine up soon too. Hope to see you on the roads.

It's at the dealer!!

Got the call - the car just rolled off the truck.... you can imagine that I begggggged the dealer to take delivery today - unfortunatelly impossible.. So, tomorrow is the day...

Now i know I won't be able to sleep tonight.. and I think I am getting sick - headache, slight fever, coughing.. probably anxieous...

Well, 24 more hours..

Maybe you should help them out with the prep work ... this will help your anxeity out.

hey gene...

if you haven't already... do a search for "checklist" to get delivery check list before picking up the car. I found it helpful yesterday when I picked mine up...

also, probably don't need to tell you this, don't pick it up at night.. pick it up during the day... it would have been impossible to see the light scratch on my car yesterday if it was night time..

good luck with the car... it's great drive....

larry :)
Genemish, that's great!!!!!

Goodie for you!!!!

SOOOO many happy campers lately! It seems like everyone is hitting that jackpot all at once!

And for your other delivery....boy or girl?

I hope the the family absolutely wets their pants when they see you with the new wheels!!!!
Thanks !

The other delivery is a boy...

Yes, the family will go nuts..

23 hours to go..

Being the mom of a 15 month old boy, may I just say that he is the most fabulous thing in the whole wide world!

Get that car seat ready!
the car seat is boxed and ready to be installed.. We got the Britax Advantage..
Car seat

On the subject of the Britax Advantage, does it offer clips for attachment to the LATCH/ISOFIX on the MDX (instead of using seat-belts which are designed for retaining people not car seats)? I seem to be having trouble finding any new car seats that offer this.
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