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I picked up my '02 white base model this evening, and of course I'm very jazzed. I look forward to receiving my wheel locks, BSM, cargo cover and cargo net, all of which are either en route or backordered.

By the way, so far Acura 101 West in Calabasas (L.A. County, CA) has been very good. This evening one of the sales reps (not even my regular rep) took me on a one hour tour of my vehicle, going over the vehicle front to back, top to bottom. Everyone was friendly and forthright. They said that they want even my oil change business and charge only $20 for an oil change (more for synthetic), which included I believe a vacuum or some such amenity. I paid MSRP with no forced accessories. They made clear that any time I make an appointment for service, a loaner car will be available for me. Basically they said and did all the right things so far. Obviously it's far too early to make an over-all judgment, but to this point in the relationship I rate them highly and recommend them. I think that I waited about 5 weeks for the vehicle from the time I put down my refundable $500 deposit.

I'm glad to finally be an 'X owner. Well, the bank's the owner, but at least I get to drive it.

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