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Picked up the MDX last night. Have been so busy I have only driven it about 20 miles in the day that I have had it.

Not much compares to the that first drive, off the dealer lot. Now I am back in the mode of defensive driving and parking in the back 40 of the lot.

Initial impressions are very positive.


. great ride and curb appeal
. comfortable seating (like the memory seating)
. Bose stereo is great
. very good sight lines while driving
. rear air (keeps the kids occupied)
. fog lights are super on a dark road
. ample storage
. the looks we get
. size of windshield washer fluid tank

Dislikes (real picky things)

. coffee cup holders (ergonomic nightmare)
. brightness of dash (former lexus owner)

All in all, we are very very pleased with the new vehicle. Hope to split my time this weekend between reading the manual and enjoying the ride.

Provide more feedback later. And wouldn't you know it. The very year we get an SUV, Ontario has the least amount of snow in something like 50 years. Oh well, February is just around the corner.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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