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Got in trouble for recommending!

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I am new to this website and forums, but have been a member of another well known car information site for a couple of years.

After finding this site, I posted a thread on the other site under their MDX section telling them about this site and how helpful I found it to be and that they should take a look.

When I came in from church tonight, I had a hateful email from them reminding me that I was not to solicit any site that I might have a financial interest in, and that I was not to menction any other auto sites.

The quote was "Hey, I don't walk around the Tri-Cities telling everyone to leave and hang out in Chattanooga. Please give us the same courtesy. Here's your form letter:

While I don't think there was any malace from the guy who sent me that, I did think it was a snotty reply.

Any further "violations" and I will be thrown out. Good grief! I have no "financial" interest in this site, I just thought it was helpful and would benefit the owners that use that site.

Oh well, just thought everyone might get a kick out of that.

Have a good evening.

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LOL! Edmunds HATES links to other sites. Most of us were there @ one point or another. I know a few of us occassionally post there, too, but far less frequently than here. One reason is that their software just sucks. Plus it tends to be more of a "weigh station" than the community over here.

But it does have value. Just not as good IMO :)

(no financial interest here, either)
Hmm sounds like they are being very territorial on the internet.
They ought to know that wont work for long.

This is totally unrelated but I can't resist!

No offense, Mike but having visited Chattanooga only once in my life while working in Atlanta some years ago, and heading north for a weekend jaunt, I can't say the few hours I was 'hanging out in Chattanooga' was exactly the highlight of my trip.
At that time also, they had students working at the Hilton in the bar/rest. that were singing servers. None of them knew the words to the Chattanooga Choo Choo... oh man guess I am dating myself!

Maybe it's changed, but at that time, the outside elevator at the Holiday Inn was considered an attraction.

Enjoyed other treks through Tenn. to be sure!


I'm with you about Chattanooga. It is an okay place to visit, but I am glad I don't live there. I am in the wonderful mountains of Northeast Tennessee, close to Bristol. Much nicer than Chattanooga IMHO!

If you are a NASCAR fan (I'm not), I live about 10 miles from the Bristol racetrack, or about 220 miles NE of Chattanooga.

It's wonderful here.


I have been browsing thru this site for many months now. A lot of time I just read the forums and post no response. One thing I do notice is that this site is one big happy family. Everyone has a special love for MDX and no one is out there flaming each other if there is a difference in opinion. We are here to exchange ideas, information and help each other. Most importantly, maintain a good sense of humor when things go wrong and offer a lot of support.

So if you get booted out of the other site, you will always feel welcome here.

As you can see from TheWorm's post above, we've been to Edmunds and seen how it works over there...I almost did the same thing you did, but someone else got flamed first.

Now, stop being so helpful! :D It's misconstrued as a money-making endeavor...
Rob :cool:

BTW, I 2nd that you're welcome here! (Just don't go touting off about the Edmunds site :D )
Edmunds- like the Mountain Dew commercial- Been There, Done That!!

most of us had been on edmunds at some point. like worm said, there software SUCKS! oh, and i got tired of that "mine is bigger than yours thing". :)

welcome aboard, congrats on the quick buy. Btw, i wouldn't be slamming Tn(i didn't want to misspell it). atleast you guys have 4 seasons, and mountains, and curving roads. Tx- well, lets just say- i travel as much as i can.
Info on Edmonds site actually lead me to buy MDX. If you think their web site is bad, try MSN's Car Point. In short, positive info are diluted by purposeful garbage posters there.

Like it or not, all sites are commercial in nature one way or another but not able to just point our other MDX resources is a bit mean.
Edmunds Serves a Purpose

I agree with TheWorm. Edmunds has some utility.

Edmunds' Townhall is a good place for those shopping for a new vehicle. It's easier when cross-shopping, say, five or so vehicles to get your answers there, than to find and frequent the enthusiast/owner oriented sites like this one, or,,, etc. There's a lot more posts in the "dedicated" topics from folks who aren't enthused about the vehicle you may be considering. Not very constructive if you already own the vehicle, but helpful if you're still looking.

Edmunds has "Owner's Clubs" for non-shopping owners, but that's when their utility starts going away. That's when enthusiast sites like this one just destroy what's generally available on Edmunds.

The software is terrible, I don't care if it's used in some high-traffic sites. The search facility is a joke and has been since they converted to WebX many moons ago. Back then the standard response from the hosts was that it was something they were working on. Well, it's now been -- what, over a year, and the search is virtually useless.

Edmunds is moderated with a fairly heavy hand, and they are sensitive to folks they feel may be encouraging people to leave them for other sites. I don't totally blame them, though they shouldn't be rude about it.

I usually am able to make references to this site by using it as an answer to a question, as opposed to "c'mon boys and girls, let's ditch this lousy software for" E.g. if someone is asking about installation of running boards, what better way to help them than to point to one of the threads here, complete with detailed instructions and pictures to boot! Today someone asked about how the Redrock looked. I searched on this site for an answer, but found that Roger's pictures were much more detailed on his own site and instead gave a link to that one since it was a better answer (Edmunds software makes it difficult to post more than one URL in a message).
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I agree

Edmunds was where I did the vast majority of my research for my last three vehicle purchases. It is their area on Jeep Grand Cherokees where I realized the severe reliability problems they are having which allowed me to cross it off my short list.

The MDX section was a strong reason for my selection of the MDX. The owners were enthusiastic and allowed me to have a good feel for the dealer reactions during the purchasing process.

Heavy handed is exactly how they moderate the site. What I do find interesting is they will let people duke it out for pages, with attacks, etc., which is really annoying to scroll through when you are trying to find useful information (take a gander through their 4 Runner section with the childish fights about when the new 2003 will be in dealers).

Their section on "real world trade in values" is very helpful with a couple of dealers who seem to have a good sense of humor and helped me a lot on my last deal.

But now that I have found this site, I will use Edmunds less and less and strive to become a member who adds value and maybe a little humor to this site.

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I agree too--

I think edmunds does serve a purpose, but I don't think I would join in there little forum. I really enjoy this one and everyone seems to be good people.

As a senior member, I welcome you to our forum MIKEinTN. Everyone is welcome here and can say good or bad things about other internet sites and they are taken with a grain of salt.

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

Yeah some boards are high and mighty, but that is their choice if it is their msg board, one thing I have noticed is that most message boards that use vBulletin have a nice, friendly atmosphere, maybe its the software or the people it attracts or just coincidence.

This is one of the best msg boards out there so if others get jealous, just respect their right to be dismissive.

I also like the Edmonds2Go Channel on Avantgo, it was very informative to carry around auto information from their website on your PDA when shopping around.

My 2 cents with 3 cents change...
Me three ...

... I too started off at Edmund's and was very active on several threads. Both SUV and sedan (TL) until I found this place. I tried to stay current on both for a while and finally abandoned Edmund's for good long ago.

By the way check out
Can we do that:D
Why not--


You can do that, we're flexible here. :D

Have a nice day. ;)

Am I over doing it yet? :confused:

I might have a financial benifit from this web site since I am a rep for Acura, however I get more sales from recommending it to my potential clients. They read what owners have to say about the MDX and about how some dealers jack you around that helps them realize that I am telling them the truth. Thanks for not kicking me off and letting people get a sales rep. view.
I've recommended this site to my dealer, and they have responded positively. They were particularly pleased that I put them onto the pics of the totalled MDX, especially since that thread also contained a post from the X's driver explaining just what had happened. They recommend the site to any MDX buyer who appears to be computer-savvy.

This site has helped -- and will help -- a heck of a lot of people!
You got chastised by your Edmond buddies because they all have had a charisma bypass. Going on Edmonds is like eating sawdust. They are a humorless bunch for the most part which is why I didn't even join them until I was a member here. Being kicked out of Edmonds should be considered an honor not punishment.:D :D

I've never thought about getting kicked off of Edmunds as being an honor, but thanks to you I now know that it would be an honor. Give me some time and hopefully I'll tick them off enough to become honorable.....

Hey, great pics. Beautiful dog. I love the silver fender flares, I have them on my black MDX and it is a nice contrast. Besides mine, yours is the first one I have seen like that.

I'll try to stay away from eating sawdust, as this site is a lot more useful and fun. (Although I do sort of enjoy seeing the other poor saps who have purchased other SUVs and are disappointed or worse. Take a gander at the Jeep Grand Cherokee thread on Edmunds and see how bad those poor guys have it.)

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