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My $0.02 Worth

"He was equally not-impressed with the Michelins on the Touring."
By that I am sure that he is comparing a primarily road-tire to a tire with a more aggressive tread for primarily off-road use. OK fine, but since most of us spend most of our time on pavement we might not care for the rough noisy ride that would come from that type of tire.
I've put 21,500 on my Michelins and have gone through snow, mud, off-road trails, heavy rain and of course, many many highway miles. For me, the Michelin tires are a very good compromise to provide the good service under all conditions. I can't speak about the Goodyear tires except to say - I have driven through some very serious pot holes - one hard enough to rattle the airbag sensor and I do NOT have any bulges (on my X anyway:rolleyes: )
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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