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Goodyear Integra sidewall bulge

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Just cleaned the MDX today and dressed the tires. I noticed my left rear tire had a bulge of approximately 1/8"h by 1/2"w that was about 3 " long on the sidewall, extending from near the tread in a straight line towards the axle.

I just wanted to note this problem here, as Acura says it is a Goodyear problem, and Goodyear (so far) says that I hit a pothole or something and has yet to determine whether it is a warranty item. I don't recall ever hitting anything with my baby, and the Acura service guy noted that he saw no collateral damage (ie. rim, etc) which may indicate that it is indeed a tire problem.

I will keep the forum posted on how this is handled. If you have a similar experience, I encourage you to let us know...

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I had a similar problem

After 3000 miles I noticed that my Acura was pulling to the right. After some testing, the dealer told me that it was the tire being out of RADIAL -- Whatever that means. They said that they would not repair the tire and that it was a Goodyear problem.

I then called the service manager and told him that I am about to send a letter to Acura of Amerian the Better Business Bureau and any other organiztion that I could think of for Acura providing crappy tires and not fixing them under wanrrenty. He called me 30 mintues later and told me to come and get my new tire. To my surprise I got 2 new tires in the front.

Don't let Acura tell you that they don't deal with tires. Get on their case and make sure they take care of you.

Thanks for the info, ooty!

The local Goodyear guy and I had a good conversation on these tires and the MDX. The Integra is basically a passenger car tire put on an SUV, according to him.

He was equally not-impressed with the Michelins on the Touring.

My $0.02 Worth

"He was equally not-impressed with the Michelins on the Touring."
By that I am sure that he is comparing a primarily road-tire to a tire with a more aggressive tread for primarily off-road use. OK fine, but since most of us spend most of our time on pavement we might not care for the rough noisy ride that would come from that type of tire.
I've put 21,500 on my Michelins and have gone through snow, mud, off-road trails, heavy rain and of course, many many highway miles. For me, the Michelin tires are a very good compromise to provide the good service under all conditions. I can't speak about the Goodyear tires except to say - I have driven through some very serious pot holes - one hard enough to rattle the airbag sensor and I do NOT have any bulges (on my X anyway:rolleyes: )
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I don't know about the GoodYear Integra, but I know that the Michelin Cross Terrain is designed for the SUV and for both mud and snow. I have sidewall bulges on lots of other tire brands, but never on Michelin and have always get more miles on them than the warranty said. So all my three vehicles have Michelins on them.
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