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Good MDX price in WA State

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After a solid week of shopping for a new MDX in WA state I found Acura of Spokane to have the best deal out of all the dealers in the state.
They will sell or order new MDX's at 1k over MSRP and will ship to the westside for another $100.00.

Contact Harold McMcMackin ("MAC") at 1-888-767-4117.

This is 1000-1500 dollars below every other dealer I talked with.


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There are dealers in Oregon that will sell at MSRP or below. I found it is necessary to get away from the big cities and talk to dealers in the rural areas. I found 2 dealers that sell at MSRP and one dealer at 500 below. I ordered a vehicle at MSRP a week ago, but am in the process of saving myself another $500. I won't mention names of dealers, I think they are doing just fine without my advertising for them. I will say it has taken multiple phone calls, e-mails and going right to the managers in order to get what I believe is a fair price.

Congrats also Knightman, I will of course have to wait 5 months for my new rig. ;)
Thanks any way knightman, but I'm a patient man, and besides I'll be out of the country for the next five months. I expect My MDX will be on a train about the same time that I'm on a plane. Both of us heading for Oregon about the same time. I'm looking forward to a long work free summer of enjoying my MDX.
I know nothing about dealing with Canadian vehicles, but have found this thread very interesting. You have the contract, warranty and MDX in your hand. You should be a wealth of info on this topic now. After carefully reading your post, this is how I understand it.

You bought your vehicle from a US dealer therefore all dollar amounts are $US.

Your "vehicle" warranty is now 5 year/50,000 mi, or did you mean you now get 6 years on the outer body rust through. ???

How is a Canadian warranty different than a US warranty. Is it better worse or the same.???

Thanks for the info:)
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