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Good MDX price in WA State

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After a solid week of shopping for a new MDX in WA state I found Acura of Spokane to have the best deal out of all the dealers in the state.
They will sell or order new MDX's at 1k over MSRP and will ship to the westside for another $100.00.

Contact Harold McMcMackin ("MAC") at 1-888-767-4117.

This is 1000-1500 dollars below every other dealer I talked with.


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VIP9- Or should I say "Mr. Super Senior Member" sir. I guess being a super senior member gives you the right to flame me eh?

I am just a consumer, and don't appreciate what you are implying with your remarks re: being on drugs and selling me a bridge.

What makes you an expert on the MDX market in WA state? I merely stated what I found to be the facts after having shopped every Acura dealer in the state. Fact is, dealers will take what the market will bare. Maybe it's different where you come from, but here, and throughout the northwest and CA consumers are being forced to buy at over invoice.

I'm sure some shoppers in WA state will appreciate this post, I was merely trying to provide data. People can make their own assessment of mkt conditions and choose to use this posting if it's to their advantage.

I'm not happy about the price gouging that's going on at Acura dealers in certain geographies either. If you have useful insights to contribute to help people buy at a reasonable price, perhaps you should offer them up? Otherwise, you might do better to simply stay quiet as your insults are doing no good. And if you do no good what are those 5 stars for? Maybe someone should take some away.

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That's all fine but...

Can you tell me how to get a better deal on a new MDX???

Youj've offered nothing to this thread that will benefit me or anyone else. Perhaps we should look at the QUALITY of your posts rather than the quanity Mr. 5 star.

Ok, I'll quit giving you a hard time now. You're probably a decent person. I'm sure all your hostility was aimed at price gouging dealers which is ok by me.

Take care,

Knightman ("Just a consumer").
Black/Ebony Touring being delivered TODAY!!
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That's great. When did you buy, what color? Was it a Canadian or US vehicle?

I wound up buying a Canadian vehicle, but got it delivered to me for free and got it $500 below MSRP.
5 Months!

Congrats to you, but do you really think it's worth the wait? Your 2002 will be 5 months older by then, you will not have been able to use it.

I just got my blk/ebony yesterday and LOVE IT! I had it delivered to me 1 day after ordering from a dealer in WA up north. Got it for $500 below.

Holler if you want to give them a try and I'll give you the contact info.

It's a canadian rig, but you can't tell it apart from a US vehicle apart from the daytime running lights, which I prefer and will likely be mandated in the US shortly. The spedo was changed over to MPH, they included the waranty (1 year longer than factory, plus you always have the candadian factory warranty and they will manage any warranty issues for you by taking the car up north and giving you a loaner).

If you want Nav forget it. Can't get that in Canada.
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Canadian details

Hey VIP - I'll try to clarify.

1. Warranty - I think that "crossing the border" kills Canadian warranty, but does not put US one into effect.

I believe you are technically correct on this point in that the factory acura warranty is not valid in the US (unless you are a Canadian, see the manual). YOU CAN TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO ANY DEALER IN CANADA FOR WARRANTY WORK. Obviously not convenient if you don't live near Canada. My auto-broker will take the car to Canada for any major warranty repairs not covered by the 3rd party warranty. I must admit, this is not ideal, but my prior experience owning Acura products is that they are solid and require little warranty work. Hopefully this one will be no different. I was willing to assume the risk, others may not be. Then again, they won't be driving their car anytime soon either w/o paying a premium.

2. Extended warranty you got is not as inclusive as the original bumper-to-bumper coverage. If you got a 3rd party warranty rather than AcuraCare, you are also missing out on Acura TLC, roadside assistance, etc.

Agreed. 3rd party Warranty is not as inclusive. However, I have the factory warranty too for any major uncovered items, but would have to have the car taken to Canada. It will probably be an inconvenience if it happens though. Hope this won't come back to bite me. You are incorrect on your point about roadside assistance (Acura Plus). It is covered in Canada and US. This is spelled out clearly in the Acura Plus plan that came with the vehicle.

3. The $500 off MSRP you keep mentioning - is it US$, and is it US MSRP? Once again, w/o exact figures, I believe that Canadian MSRP is about US$ 3,000 - 5,000 less than MDX Touring US MSRP.

I purchased at $500.00 US below the $US MSRP.

The only benefits of your purchase - you got it immediately and you have DRL. Did you really get a "great deal?" The truth is in the eyes of the beholder...

I would say benefits are as follows:

Purchased at a competitive price - $500 under MSRP (US) is better than anything I could come up with in Wa.
Got it immediately - This is a big deal. How much is depreication (time value) of an MDX per month? Each month you wait for a MDX is another month old the car will be, another month you won't be able to drive it. Each month someone waits for their '02 car is another month older the car gets. By the time some people get their MDX's that are on order, the O3's will come out shortly after.

Is it a great deal? I'd say no. Is it the best I could get in the near-term? I think so.

I love the car. Time will tell how the warranty issue plays out.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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