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Good MDX price in WA State

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After a solid week of shopping for a new MDX in WA state I found Acura of Spokane to have the best deal out of all the dealers in the state.
They will sell or order new MDX's at 1k over MSRP and will ship to the westside for another $100.00.

Contact Harold McMcMackin ("MAC") at 1-888-767-4117.

This is 1000-1500 dollars below every other dealer I talked with.


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pricing on 2002 mdx's

best bet to get a good deal is the internet specials being run throughout the country they are willing to do msrp or better. they will not offer it to you unless you contact them on the internet. present pricing is mostly at msrp, but depending where you are it can be 1500-3000 over msrp. they may tell you less but you will be waiting for 5-6 months and still won't see the vehicle. i'm in the norteast and they are starting at 3000 over msrp for 2 month wait was able to do better because i bought alot of options myself. if you want the vehicle you better pay the price or the wait will kill you depending on where your located. it seems the hot climate like the south and west are able to do better on pricing than where the snow falls there is too much demand and not enough supply good luck shopping i've had my 2002 blsck/ebony touring with nav for 3 weeks and 900 miles and its great researched for up to 9 months and test drove all competetors and nothing compared:D :D
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