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My comments as a fellow American with a Canadian MDX:

1. I have read several posts that my car would not be subject to any recalls. I would be shocked if that was the case. Most, if not all recalls, are safety issues. Can you imagine Acura's liability if they did not fix a safety issue on a vehicle?

2. Warranty - I did not purchase any after-market or extended warranty. First, I don't believe it is all that cut-and-dried that I do not have any warranty at all right now. I think it will be interesting to see what would happen if I needed warranty work. Acura does not care that I purchased my vehicle in Canada. They only state there is no warranty for the benefit of American dealers who complained about Americans buying MDXs, and Odysseys, in Canada. What happens to the Canadian MDX owner whose job is transferred to America, and he takes his MDX with him? Is Acura going to tell him he no longer has a warranty? I doubt it. Even if I do not have any warranty. What are the chances any warranty work will cost more than $2,500 (the amount I saved by buying Canadian)? Not very likely. If the cost is going to be high, I could try taking the vehicle to Canada for the warranty work. Who knows if that would work, but I am not losing any sleep over it. As far as the after-market or extended warranties - from an economic standpoint, they are not worth it or else no one would sell them. Besides, if I am going to lose sleep over the slight possibility of a couple thousand dollar repair bill, then I should not have purchased the MDX. I should have purchased a much cheaper vehicle. Not having a warranty frees you from having to give your car sheduled maintenance. I could go 15,000 miles between oil changes if I like. I usually trade cars in after a few years, so the long-term effects from abuse does not bother me.

3. I like having daytime running lights, especially driving in the Pacific Northwest where it is frequently overcast.

4. Not having to deal with any salesmen or dealers is always a plus. Although that Roger Womack guy seems decent, the whole buying process is always made too frustrating. Too many people involved. I bought a Saturn years ago, and even that was painful, especially when they sang a song to me.

5. A bad thing - You can not change the climate control thing to Fahrenheit.
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