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Good MDX price in WA State

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After a solid week of shopping for a new MDX in WA state I found Acura of Spokane to have the best deal out of all the dealers in the state.
They will sell or order new MDX's at 1k over MSRP and will ship to the westside for another $100.00.

Contact Harold McMcMackin ("MAC") at 1-888-767-4117.

This is 1000-1500 dollars below every other dealer I talked with.


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I got a better deal than that from Acura of Spokane. I paid $250 of MSRP w/ the mud flaps thrown in. I called on Thurday and picked up on Saturday. If you really are a consumer, then offer them MSRP and spend a $100 to fly out and pick it up that weekend. They will bite if it is on the lot.
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