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Hey Guys,

I'm new to the board (just put the deposit down on a Tour/Nav). I was set to order one from Boston, but they would not let me test drive until I put down the deposit... and on top of that, they were adding the "Boston Special" (>2300 in options) so that I could get it by October...

So I went to Framingham and test drove it with Helen Golisch. She was great. We spent >2.5 hours in the dealership with her and a friend of ours that was looking into a different acura. He wanted to haggle, she didnt :)... nonetheless, I don't blame her, they are moving all those cars fast. While she was talking to my friend, my wife and I decided we liked her more than the people in boston. So we put down the deposit with her. I she said 6-7 months, which was longer than I want to wait, but I'll do it for good service and a good experience.

No added options, unless I want them. I'm a lot happier this way :) Paying MSRP, but I'm not complaining...
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