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Gift from Acura

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When I picked up my new car, the salesman gave me a gift from Acura - a box containing a small bottles of glass cleaner, bug remover and polish. It is made for Honda cars. Is this stuff any good?
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no answers doesn't necessarily mean you're being ignored. it means nobody knows. me included. :confused:

I have used the glass cleaner, it works sufficiently. I have not used the leather cleaner or the polish. I may experiment with it on someone else's vehicle, when I don't want to waste my Zaino products.
TheWorm said:
no answers doesn't necessarily mean you're being ignored. it means nobody knows. me included. :confused:
Worm, that is quite Ok. Since this was the one freeby that the dealer gave me, I thought that all or most people got this package. Tried the glass cleaner, and it seemed to work quite satisfactorily. In fact, with the rain here today, water beaded up pretty well.
dealer products

i would reccommend using the zaino products that everyone on the web site has raved about its a more professional cleaner than the items at the dealerships those items are more like convention waxes at auto stores :p

They give you free cleaners?!?!

All I got was a little key chain water proof flash light.. sigh..:(
My dealer was generous, I received the detailing products plus the diecast MDX. It did not match the color of my MDX but I thought it was a nice gesture.
I too got the box of cleaners

My salesman says that the people that use this stuff think it is wonderful and they come back to buy more. They sell it in big containers. Especially the detailing spray. The can he gave me is suppose to be good enough to detail the car twice. It is suppose to make the paint sparkle and repel dust.

But, so far, it has just sat on my shelf. I will probably use it on one of my other cars to prep for a car show in the spring.....
i never got any of the cleaning stuff either:( ...

But I did get one of the Acura pens that they sell.

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