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GG 2002 due in - Running Board and options?

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Hi folks - looks like my GG 2002 will be here late this week/early next week!

I think I will go with running boards - which ones look the best?

Not sure about the fender flares - thoughts?

Other options - wood steering wheel and shift?

Is there a way to replace the fake looking wood on the dash with anything?

Thanks in advance!
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At first I wanted the side steps, but then decided to go with the full running boards. I figured that the boards would allow the 3rd seat passengers a wider area to step on for easier access. I was also a little worried that a misstep on the tubular side-steps by one of my grandkids might get a foot stuck. OTOH, I'm quite surprised at the amount of flex at the back end of the running board. I noticed this while standing on backend to see if it made entry any easier. I suppose this flex is due mostly to the fact that the two mounting points are actually further forward on the boards, rather that being equidistant from front to back. I'm not sure if the side steps are any more rigid, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear that they are.

I passed on the fender flares, mainly because they didn't seem to provide much contrast with the GG paint. Sort of wish I'd gotten them now - I managed to dent that very area by pulling in the garage too close to a file cabinet.

I passed on adding any additional wood trim, although I do like the look of the gauge trim.
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Markedoc said:
Is there a way to replace the fake looking wood on the dash with anything?
Checkout Legend Five:

They offer a variety of dash kits in carbon fibre, (real) wood, and aluminum. They have applications for the MDX:
Does anyone have experience with these dash kits? Easy to install? Do they look good? What kind of wood used?
I know many people on another car forum have bought their products and are happy with it. If you check out that first link it says the four types of wood they use.

It's really easy to install and basically sticks right on top of the stock pieces. I know some people only stick on a few because there are so many pieces.
Here's another place that offers dash kits for the MDX.

I think this is the place I was thinking about originally with really good service. There's a group buy from this place on another message board.
Markedoc said:
I think I will go with running boards - which ones look the best?
Hey Markedoc, I take it you're using the term "running boards" loosely to encompass side steps as well? If no, the only running boards I'm aware of for the MDX are the OEM ones. If yes, you have several additional options: OEM side steps, OEM side steps with custom powder coating, and Manik stainless steel side steps. I think Manik also makes them in black, but I'm not sure - don't think I've seen anyone on this forum with them but I think I may have seen them in Manik's catalogue. Also, when I last checked with Waag they were supposedly working on stuff for the MDX, and that was back in August, so you may want to check with Waag cuz they make very good stuff (I had their tail light guards on my old CR-V, very well made and superior in looks to the Manik tail light guards for the CR-V IMO).

As for which looks best, that is a matter of persoanl opinion. There are tons of pics on this forum to give you a good idea of what to expect. Here's a pic of my Maniks below. On a granite green, I'm not sure what I would want. I might even go with the OEM running boards on that color. On darker colors however, the Maniks are hard to top IMO.


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running boards pro/con

I got runningboards put on my MDX. My wife is short and I'm 6'. She uses them every time she gets in or out, and she likes them a lot. I prefer to step out directly onto the ground, but they stick out 3-4 inches so my leg sometimes drags on them.

Another observation - LOTS of snow collects on them. I was shocked at how much water ended up in my garage when it all melted.

Bottom line - if it weren't for my wife, I'd probably take them off, but because she loves them I love them!
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