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Getting my Red Rock this Weekend from LA

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It was a difficult decision to make :) Get the car this weekend from LA, or wait till new year to get it in the SF Bay Area ....

It's gonna be this weekend! Anyone driving back on Sunday from LA? The guy at Cerritos told me that he has one more customer from the Bay Area picking the car up.
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Picked up my Red Rock .. nice Thanksgiving gift!

See this thread...
Mike and Cyclone:

I can not understand this. How come these folks keep calling me with an available car, and give you a different answer???

I'm at a loss with what these dealerships tell. . Even Hopkins offered me a car coming in next week. My original schedule was for March??

The car is good, and the wait is worth it
Waiting game

Maybe after your refusal, the next guy in line got the call. It does makes sense. And since you were waiting for the Red Rock, I am hoping they've offered it to the next in line person.

And since I am looking for either a GG, Silver or Mahagony, my guess is that when Cyclone or I called, they gave me a wait list for the folks waiting for the Red Rock.

Anyway, at least my towels came in on time. Washed the towel twice to get rid of and lints and its just waiting to dry the 'DX.

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Stevens Creek Acura

OK, I just came back from putting down a deposit at Stevens Creek Acura. They are charging MSRP plus forced purchase of wheel locks ($95), splash guards ($195), and running boards ($895). These prices are all substantially higher than what is listed as list at Is this the case, i.e. dealer is gouging? If so, is there an official list price I can find somewhere to use as leverage for attempting to get them to lower the price? I looked at, but couldn't find any pricing information....

Re: Stevens Creek Acura

It is all negotiable. I forgot how much I agreed to pay. But I do remember that I did not agree to pay what they asked. On the other hand, it is been almost a week since I asked the sales to refund my deposit. Now I remember I need to follow-up. :mad:
Hi Cyclone,
In order to get pricing information, go the web site goto build your is the info I got for the three "forced" accessories.

Rear Splash Guards $72.80
Running Boards $626.00
Wheel Locks $64.40

Total Accessories (Estimated) $763.20 **

** Prices shown are Acura suggested retail prices only. Labor is based on a $77/hr. rate multiplied by the national average installation time. Actual costs, labor rates and installation times may vary depending on region, market rate, etc. Dealers are free to set their own selling prices/labor rates. Prices shown do not include taxes or license. MSRP excludes tax, license, registration and options. Dealer prices may vary.

So, as you can see, yes, you (and rest of us) are getting ripped off. Like the previous post, you can negotiate but most of the dealers I tried to negotiate would simply would laugh and say, thats how much we charge and if you don't like em, take your business elsewhere....(see my posting on Dealer rating on Acura of Pleasanton).

Good Luck to you.

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Re: Stevens Creek Acura

cyclone said:
OK, I just came back from putting down a deposit at Stevens Creek Acura. They are charging MSRP plus forced purchase of wheel locks ($95), splash guards ($195), and running boards ($895...
Your prices on accessory if much higher than our local exclusive dealer. For example, your running board is 40% more. Splash guard is 100% higher. You get the idea. I am sure you can even see a cheaper price on Tim'sweb site price.

After all, the accessory items are for "your needs" and is added by you by request by the buyer. What if you don't want the running board but want something else? I want the running board, but my wife said the it looks like a minivan and I didn't want it because of that. SO that is a choice. But the truth is the dealer appears to be able to get away from charging you more simply because the market can bear it.

I bought a few items but they are not "forced" on me. I found the local dealer is firm on car prices but no force options. I agree even their price on accessory is higher to my liking but I really don't want to mess with the install elsewhere. The tow hitch for example, can be very cheap with a simple non-acura hitch installation. But the "real deal" with Acura involves coolers etc. which I am only comfortable with dealer work. So, even my experience is we are at their mercy (now and/or later).

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I did not have any deposits placed at Los Gatos when they were trying to sell me a Mahagony coming in right about now. I guess, when I was shopping around, they might have hit a snag. Also, do give the Redrock a thought. I like it more now than what I ordered. Remember, the X's sold for list when they came out ... and then the premiums started adding up. Maybe, red would be a popular color.

Tjwid: So where are you buying it from??

I got my deposit from Hopkins Acura today. Very professional. No nonsense type of dealership. I really wanted to buy a car from them ... the wait is just too long.

I have not contacted Stevens Creek Acura for my deposit yet ... that will be interesting if they slow it down.

Finally got a digital camera, but we have thunder storms out here. Can't really get good pictures.
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Overpriced Accessories

Most dealerships in the Bay Area charge the unwanted accessories. This is an unfortunate situation, but they are making the most of it. The labor rates in the are higher... about $110/hr, compared to the national average of $77/hr. However, $99 (+ tax+licence+luxury tax) for wheel locks, when you can get them for $32 from Tim, is ridiculus. However, we do not have much of a choice here.

I was forced 2 accessories, the rear splash guards and the wheel locks for a total of $238. I was eventually given a cargo tray for free. That pretty much made up for the overpriced accessories.

At Stevens creek, you can ask for side steps instead of the running boards.

It seems like the folks in S.Cal are getting better deals at MSRP, and the cars are available.

Acura 101 West, Gold Coast Acura and Acura of Pasadena do not charge anything beyond MSRP. I was also told that Acura of Pasadena was willing to match Tim's prices for accessories.

Cerritos adds $238, and Valencia adds about $400.

Good Luck, and Happy buying.
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A pattern?

GCK said:
I was forced 2 accessories, the rear splash guards and the wheel locks for a total of $238.
Those are exactly the same options I was forced when I bought mine up here in WA. Must be some common pattern, perhaps they are port options that Acura is pushing hard. I eventually had them comp me for them... but then again I paid over retail. (see my buying experience for all the sordid details)
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