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Getting my Red Rock this Weekend from LA

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It was a difficult decision to make :) Get the car this weekend from LA, or wait till new year to get it in the SF Bay Area ....

It's gonna be this weekend! Anyone driving back on Sunday from LA? The guy at Cerritos told me that he has one more customer from the Bay Area picking the car up.
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Adding my congrats

Please let us all know how it went at the dealership, how you enjoyed your drive, and how much you love your new 'X!
whitemdx said:
There will be a lot more cancellations due to bad economy and multiple deposits such as GCK and marne's case.
Yup, that's exactly how I got mine. Just try to get hooked up with a good salesperson who will watch for you and offer you cancellations rather than just letting you wait.
A pattern?

GCK said:
I was forced 2 accessories, the rear splash guards and the wheel locks for a total of $238.
Those are exactly the same options I was forced when I bought mine up here in WA. Must be some common pattern, perhaps they are port options that Acura is pushing hard. I eventually had them comp me for them... but then again I paid over retail. (see my buying experience for all the sordid details)
1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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