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Getting my Red Rock this Weekend from LA

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It was a difficult decision to make :) Get the car this weekend from LA, or wait till new year to get it in the SF Bay Area ....

It's gonna be this weekend! Anyone driving back on Sunday from LA? The guy at Cerritos told me that he has one more customer from the Bay Area picking the car up.
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Congratulations, GCK. Have a good trip back, then post and the pics. Hope to see you RedRock this Sunday on 101 in the Bay :)
Welcome GCK's RR MDX to the Bay Area :)

Quite a detailed outline of the trip. $895 for 7/100K warranty is excellent. Trusy it is an Acura one, can you confirm.

Er..., NAVI seems to correct to suggest you to take 101 from 5 and back to 5. That is the alternate route to get to 5 Northern bound. I learned that from local folks, although not seems intuitive initially. But traffic wise it makes sense.

Quite a good mileage initially. I got only 21 MPG but I am on cruise at 85~90 mph and full AC during summer time.

Just wonder if Tim's can do the $895 for the Acura warranty 7/100K. I will be the first to buy :D

Overall, great purchase and trip back, GCK, not to mention a free cargo mat (do you mean "tray"?) :confused:
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I think the supply and demand situation will become more balanced lately due to several reasons:

1. Tremendous initial demand is ebbing
2. Cancellations of multiple booking/reservation
3. Bad economy
4. Discounting/Promotion by other SUV makers

Pretty soon the long wait and forced options will be out. Discounting will be in vogue in a few months, probably in mid 2002. My humble prediction.
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