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Getting my Red Rock this Weekend from LA

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It was a difficult decision to make :) Get the car this weekend from LA, or wait till new year to get it in the SF Bay Area ....

It's gonna be this weekend! Anyone driving back on Sunday from LA? The guy at Cerritos told me that he has one more customer from the Bay Area picking the car up.
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Congrats! I'd have done the same thing.

FWIW there was a "I'm driving back from LA, how do I break it in" thread a month or two ago. I believe the consensus was that 101 was a good alternative to 5 (85mph, steady speed = bad) and 1 (too long).

Thanks!! I was the one who initiated that thread ... I will be driving on 101!

Congratulations:) At least it will be a very pleasant drive back with your new MDX.
GCK - should be a nice drive - be sure to post pics of your new baby :)
Congratz GCK!!! Are you getting the Navi? Try it out on the way back and let us know how you like it. I had my X since this pass Monday, I love the navi...found something new on the Navi to play with everyday


p.s. Welcome to the LA area
Congrates on your new RedRock MDX. For a while I though I'll get my X before you, even I started late. It is great to see that getting X is much easier now. Enjoy your ride back.
Congratulations, GCK. Have a good trip back, then post and the pics. Hope to see you RedRock this Sunday on 101 in the Bay :)
Boy, tell me about the excitement about getting this baby!!! I pre-poned my plans. Now leaving by Greyhound tonight and arrive into Los Angeles by 8:00 am tomorrow.... I will be driving it back on Saturday.

The last time I was this excited was when our little girl was born.

PS: I still refuse to fly ... hence Greyhound!
Congratulations and Watch for Cops/CHP on the return trip...especially at NIGHT. "The voice of experience":rolleyes:


Congratulations on the new arrival -- please post pictures / thoughts from your drive.
Adding my congrats

Please let us all know how it went at the dealership, how you enjoyed your drive, and how much you love your new 'X!
It's here! Finally!

Hopped on the Greyhound bus at 12:45 am on Saturday. It was my first time on a Greyhound bus... not too comfortable. Got into LA around 7:30 am. The fleet manager at Cerritos Acura, Mitch Franklin, showed up at 7:45 to pick me up. The Bus was supposed to arrive at 7:45 am, so he was right on time. We drove to the dealership and after quickly making copies of my insurance and driver's licence, we went into the lot. They own about 7 dealerships over there, so was quite a walk through all those new cars...

There was my Redrock all the way at the end. It seems like Mitch doesn't like other sales folks to bring their customers to his car. He usually locks the car, parks is far away and holds the keys. That's good. I know no one had done anything to my car. It had 5 miles on it. We went for a short drive, where he explained some features of the car etc...

After we returned to the dealership, we filled out some paperwork, then he went thru explaining the warranty and the manuals etc. We then went to the car where he took a good hour to explain all the features. He was very through. However, after being a member of this forum for several months, I knew more about some featuers than he did :)

The price of the car is MSRP, $39780 + $139 for rear mud guards + $99 for wheel locks. They now decided to add the cargo mat into the required accessories. I believe that adds another $99 to the cost. I asked him if he was going to charge me for it ... he said, no, it's yours :) Through the conversations I found that the cost of the mat is about $30. Total cost is $40,018

We were done about 9:30 am. The finance guy was having too much fun at home and showed up at about 10:40 am. I was really getting mad at this guy. Here's the MDX waiting for me to drive and this guy doesn't show up. Mitch actually offered me to take the car and get something to eat. It took the finance guy another 20 minutes to fill in all the information.

This was interesting. They offered me three optional equipment. First one is some kind of alarm system. It is additional to the factory one. They add it on all the cars on the lot to protect them. Not sure how that happens, but the cost quoted was $695. I said I do not need it. He insisted that a car of this cost should be protected. I told him that Northern California is a safe place and didn't need it. He tried to offer me a discount. I countered him and told him that I would let him leave this on my car if he activated it. You know the rest ... they removed it.

The second one was the Lo-Jack. Cost was $895. I declined it.

The third one was the extended warranty for $1295 7 Yrs/100K. I told him that I could get it for $895 over the internet. In reality, I didn't have a clue how much it costed, but just threw in a number. He went thru some books .. the usual stuff .. and countered with $1050. He told me that his cost was $800 and he needs a profit of $250 .. for what?? to act as a broker?? Gimme a break... We started discussing and he told me that 'cos I was a good customer, He would knock another $25 off. What does this guy think? Why am I a good customer? I declined everything he offered :) ... Finally, agreed to the $895 - 7Y/100K/0 Deductable. I thought it was pretty good.

Paid $45 for doc, + tax + Licence =42661.56 +$895 for warranty. Finally got out at about 11:45 am. There was another guy from the Bay Area. He bought a GG, Touring. We were planning to drive together, but waiting for him would mean not driving for another hour. Forget him, just start driving :)

Programmed the Navigation System, loaded up the CDs, set the seat and mirrors and off we go. The nav gave me directions to go on Hwy 5. While on 5, it asked me to go on 101. I ignored it and kept going on 5. I kept getting directions go back to 101. I decided to go with the system. It put me back on 101N, then put me on 170N to 5N. I could have just stayed on 5. Maybe the folks in LA could tell me what the deal is.

The dealer suggested that I could change transmission from D5 to D4 and alternative them as well as speed to get optimum break in performance. I did that. I was tired after a couple of hours. Took a break, folded the rear seat and slept for 2 hrs. Didn't know how tired I was. Got back on the road and did between 50 and 75 through out, varied rpm pertty much every 15 or so minutes. Got home about 7:30 pm. Got an 22 MPG average. Made the entire 385 miles from LA to LA (Los Altos) in one tank of gas. As I was pulling into my drive way, the gas light lit on. Certainly pleased with the drive.

The wind noise was pretty low. Road noise was still not as low as it should be for a luxury automobile. It seems like the material in the sunroof is not good enough to shield the noise. Acoustics were ok. Will try to post some pictures in a day or two.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. I hope to cherish the 'X for a long long time.
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Welcome GCK's RR MDX to the Bay Area :)

Quite a detailed outline of the trip. $895 for 7/100K warranty is excellent. Trusy it is an Acura one, can you confirm.

Er..., NAVI seems to correct to suggest you to take 101 from 5 and back to 5. That is the alternate route to get to 5 Northern bound. I learned that from local folks, although not seems intuitive initially. But traffic wise it makes sense.

Quite a good mileage initially. I got only 21 MPG but I am on cruise at 85~90 mph and full AC during summer time.

Just wonder if Tim's can do the $895 for the Acura warranty 7/100K. I will be the first to buy :D

Overall, great purchase and trip back, GCK, not to mention a free cargo mat (do you mean "tray"?) :confused:
Great report GCK and Congrats!.

what is the sales tax in LA? Is it less than in Bay Area?

At $42661.56 tax + license included, tax seems to be around 6% compared to 8% in the bay area. Do you have to pay difference since you live in the bay area?

Congratulations on your new MDX. Nice detailed report that you have posted. I'm glad for you that you are now driving your MDX instead of waiting for another month or so... Enjoy it.
tdnone: Yeah, that was the tray. Didn't know what it was called. I am not quite sure if it is the Acuara warranty. I asked him repeatedly if it was an acura warranty, and he said yes. He told me that I would be getting a card in next couple of weeks. The papers I signed state that the vehicle is covered under the same rules as the new vehicle for 7Y, 100K Miles with 0 deductable.

Anumdx: My apologies. It's 43661.56. I had a $1000 deposit, so I had to pay him $42661.56, irrespective of where you buy, you pay the taxes in the region you reside. I belive, I paid 8% taxes. Also, these folks accepted credit cards for upto $5000. I put 5K on my CC, that gives me about $100 back in credit from Citibank.

Whitemdx: The Redrock is now parked in my garage. I still got a month before the lease on my existing car expires... so will be driving this one until I turn it in.

My insurance company quoted me $216 for MDX for a 6 month premium with high coverage limits. I am sure this will go up when this becomes my primary vehicle, but $35/month to insure it ain't too bad. I will be ordering some accessories from Tim today.

Now got to focus on getting my deposits at other 6 places now :)
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Where are you dropping your deposit?

Can you tell me where else you had a deposit? I want to jump in!

Three in the Bay Area:

Hopkins Acura. Just cancelled it. They offered me a Mahogany, due next week.

Sunnyvale Acura: They were very nice to deal with. From what I hear, they are now willing to deal at MSRP. You should talk to Cheryl (?) and mention that other dealers in Bay Area are selling it at sticker price.

Stevens Creek Acura: Didn't cancel yet. They are good to deal with too.
More recently-cancelled reservations

I just dropped a deposit for an '02 White/Saddle Tour/Nav due for delivery to Solano Acura in Fairfield by the end of the month. I worked with Anita Towns, who was great! My deal was for MSRP. Anita is now on the Honda side of the store, but she can refer you to a floor salesperson. Her cell number is 707-290-0619. Solano Acura's number is 800-894-3325 or 707-427-2200.

I had the same deal going with Jay Murphy at Gold Coast Acura in Ventura. Jay is really stellar, there the car wouldn't arrive until January. Jay's cell number is 805-890-1047. The dealership's is 877-792-2872.

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