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Getting an MDX

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Well, I've been looking & looking, & talking 2 different dealers...
I either have 2 put a deposit on the color & setup I really want, & then WAIT for 2-3 months to get the vehicle, OR, I can get an MDX close to what I want before a trip I'll be taking soon, that's got most of what I want (some things inc. from the factory) in a nice color, & have the vehicle in about 10 days.I've been looking since mid Feb. & that's about the only choices around here. I'm trading in my '00 3.2 Tl. It's a lease & I'll lease again,b/c of work issue's. Thanks for all the good info here. I look forward to spending lots of time here talkn' 'bout the "X":D
PS. It's the Mesa Beige Mettalic color. (I know, not the most popular)
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I would put a deposit down on the vehicle you really want so
they know you are serious then call your sales guy every 3 days
or so to see if anyone else that might of been in front of you might have changed their minds.

That is how I scored mine and I didn't wait but for a month which
isn't bad and I got what I wanted, not almost what I wanted.

Just my thoughts though.

Good chioce

You'll be glad you got the MDX. Once I decided I wanted the MDX I really did not want to go the order route and wait months for it. I got lucky and found what I wanted on a lot at a dealer about 200 miles from my home.

Good luck and great choice.

Thanks 4 the responces. I did talk to the salesman here in C/S, & there not going to have a RR pearl in ANY of their orders soon. Denver dealers are 2-3 months out Period!

theory: I did put a deposit down on one that 2 deals have fallen through..will find out this week (hopefully)

MIKEinTN..Your absolutely correct. I love the MDX the more I see it and test drive it.

PS. We went to the dealer & they had a Mesa Beige metallic on the back lot that is sold & waiting for the person to come in to P/U. We loved the color more & more when we looked at it in the sun light. I think I'll go for the one I have a deposit on, b/c their so hard to find. Thanks again for the notes!

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