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A week or so ago, I called most of the dealers in OH and told them to give me a call if anybody cancels their MDX order. Well, on Monday I got a call that an SS base was available late Dec/early Jan (build dates 12/14 - 12/17). I really wanted the Touring package. However I wanted an MDX soon and did not want to wait a couple of months, so I convinced myself that I did not need the Touring package. Called the dealer back and put a deposit down.

Yesterday, I got a call from another dealer that they have a RedRock Touring available on the lot. It did not take me long to unconvince myself that I did not "need" that Touring package. :D So, I pick it up night!

Paying MSRP, only accessories so far are the Rear Deflector and Running Boards. Dealer is installing for $350 and $575, respectively. Everything else I will be getting from Hondacuraworld.

This obviously frees the first MDX up. If anyone is interested in it it is at Superior Acura in Cincy. The salesman I talked to was Brian Lawrence.

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