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"Genuine" Acura Care Extended Warranty ?

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I promise I did search against "extended warranties" and read many of the earlier threads - however I am still confused.

I am travelling from CA to Seattle on Friday to pick up my new GG MDX - the dealer is offering me the 7 yr/100K extended warranty for $1695

They call it "Premium Plus Coverage" but they 'think' it is provided by National Warranty - they say it is well accepted by Acura.

They told me that it provides bumber to bumper coverage.

Is this the ACURA extended warranty or an after market ?

If after market, why is the dealer not selling an Acura extended warranty ?

Everything I have read in the past seems to state that MANUFACTURER extended warranties are worthwhile, but steer clear of any after-market products.


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They're trying to rip you off!!!

I say that because they know darn well what company it's from. They "think" it's from National Warranty? They think it is well accepted by Acura? Hogwash. If you really want an extended warranty, then I highly, HIGHLY recommend you demand the one from American Honda. The price is fixed for all dealers, it is guaranteed to be accepted at any Acura or Honda dealer, and it is what they should have offered you in the first place. The only reason they could be screwing with you like that is because they're making more money on the fly-by-night warranty they're trying to stick you with.

Don't let them do it!
Don't get the aftermarket warranty

Get in touch with peabody acura in Mass. or springfield acura in NJ they have the 7/100,000 mile with $0 deductable for $1700 or $1750 if you purchase after the sale of the SUV. try to get your dealer to give you a price on the acura extended warranty instead of those aftermarket ones, if you buy with the sale of the SUV they usually give you a better deal. especially if you mention the springfiled acura in nj and peabody in mass.
i bought the extended warranty and it was from Acura Care, American Honda...

7year/75K miles, my dealer showed me their rate book and apparently it costs them $895, and I paid $1095..

get the REAL Acura warranty

get the real OEM warranty from Acura/Honda

I've researched this over and over... Any small difference in price is not worth the potential hassle.

besides, the OEM one should cost about the same. We got ours for (I think) $1600 or $1700, same 100,000/7 year coverage.
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