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Gas: premium vs regular

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The Honda Pilot and Honda Odyssey all have the same 3.5 Liter engine with 240 HP as the MDX. However, the recommended fuel for those vehicles is Regular gas, whereas the MDX recommends Premium. Why??

My salesman and the service dept. said its ok to use regular gas in the MDX. In fact, all the MDX loaners are filled up with regular gas. (I wonder if my initial tank of gas from the dealer was regular).

Let's check with other dealers if Regular gas is OK to use in the MDX. Could save us alot of $$$ in the long run.
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Re: Re: Fuel costs

Fireblade6 said:

DAMN...I wish I can get 93 octane! We only have 91 octane here in San Diego, CA!
I'm with you, Fireblade, I get jazzed anytime I'm in a part of the country that sells 93. Most of ours are 91 sold as "Premium" (gimme a break), once in a while I'll find 92.
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